Chapter 192
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"Huh? What's with this wooden sword? Is this some kind of mystical treasure?" Jian Jiutuan asked with a curious expression.

"It is merely a wooden practice sword! I have several of these but I am very fond of them because my sister gave them to me. I fight real battles with them and they are very effective." Yang Xiaotian said with a calm smile.

"If you say so. Well... it is time for me to attack! Please block well." Jian Jiutuan spoke with a very serious expression and he waited for Yang Xiaotian to take his stance.

Yang Xiaotian let out a sigh and took his stance. Instead of the Wushu sword technique, he has decided to use another one. He took a very relaxed and harmless-looking stance. His left hand gently extended in front with his palm facing upwards. His right hand gripping the wooden sword very gently, raising it parallel to his eyes and pointing at Jian Jiutuan. However, despite looking like a very harmless posture, the moment he took his stance, a very powerful sharp aura sipped out of him. This aura directly clashed with the aura released by Jian Jiutuan and mitigated it to the point that the spectators felt completely relaxed.

Yang Xiaotian never releases his aura, he does not at all care for those absurd things like 'sword intent', 'killing intent', and so on. Although cultivators use their so-called 'intent' to fight, to Yang Xiaotian, it is just a nuisance. Because he believes that releasing one's aura only lets everyone know one's intention. It is true that releasing aura or 'intent' can let cultivators control the environment or scope of the battle, it also lets the opponent know what would happen next and if the opponent is prepared, it would be a death sentence for the person releasing their 'intent'.

However, in the current situation, Jian Jiutuan is clearly forcing Yang Xiaotian to reveal his tricks. Yang Xiaotian has to do something to relieve the pressure on the spectators. Although the independent space he created could mitigate Jian Jiutuan's aura it is clear that Jian Jiutuan is also p

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Translator Notes

The last 3 months have not been good for me. Had nerve related problems, doctor gave me medicines that created a whole bunch of other problems. I have become forgetful and sort of disinterested. Hard to concentrate on things I want to concentrate, at least I could concentrate before but my head used to hurt, but now no headache but no concentration too. I barely managed to write these 2 chapters in last 2 months. I am really sorry for this.