Chapter 179
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Time passed by slowly, many little things happened in the Yun kingdom within this period. The animal sanctuary was opened to the public and within a month it became a great financial success. Those Long kingdom investors left the continent and returned to Divine World leaving behind a lot of assets that Long Qingchun grabbed and registered in Yang Xiaotian's name. Now Yang Xiaotian is a rich man beyond comprehension. However, he decided to use his riches to help the Hundred Flower Sect so that the women there can focus on cultivating and not have to worry about money. Yang Xiaotian has also finally finished understanding the full sets of tier-three runes. He has advanced in his cultivation of different energies by a great deal too.

Yun kingdom announced Kung Fu training as mandatory for their military and in schools. Multiple different types of Kung Fu are now being taught all over the Yun kingdom. The Yun family has also finally been cured of their curse. Yun Cifeng also managed to completely heal her damaged reproductive organs. She thanked Yang Xiaotian in letters and in person. Mu Meiér began clamoring that Yang Xiaotian must add Yun Cifeng to the harem after seeing her once. Yang Xiaotian always ran away from her whenever she brought up this topic. Yun kingdom also extended education to older people. Those who have no formal education can now join evening classes and obtain a certificate of literacy.

Doctor Sun has appointed his most accomplished assistant as the new chief doctor of the children's hospital and left for capital on a new project he proposed to the kingdom. He wants to revolutionize the medicine making system and the kingdom happily obliged.


Time passed by and we arrive at the current day. Yang Xiaotian and Mu Meiér are having a sweet time in Yang Xiaotian's room. She won a bet with other wives and got Yang Xiaotian for the whole night all to herself. She is very determined to show off her technique to Yang Xiaotian this night, even though they will have to leave early in the morning. The

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