Chapter 178
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A year passed by with minor events here and there. The biggest commotion that arose recently is the revival of the desolate fields. The former desolate fields have completely transformed into a lush prairie with a river running through the middle. A host of new and unknown plants have appeared in that region. The transformation also did not escape the nearby wildlife, many wildlife transformed into something exotic. And those who invested in the project decided to capture the animals and create a so-called exotic animal sanctuary that would be only viewable to them.

Yang Xiaotian became furious hearing this, he immediately contacted Long Qingchun and threatened to wipe out those rich families if the animals are touched. Long Qingchun assured him that she would personally talk to these people and stop them from doing anything rash. But Yang Xiaotian did not feel assured and decided to visit the area on his own. This day he will be leaving for the newly revived prairies, an air carriage is already waiting for him. Just when he was about to leave, he saw Qin Feiér dressed up for festivities and Little Miao all cleaned up, his furs shining brightly.

"Big brother Tian, we will visit the animal sanctuary with you." Qin Feiér said with an adorable tone.

"Yes, yes! I want to go meet new friends! Take me, take me!" Little Miao also started clamoring.

Yang Xiaotian looked at Qin Ming and saw her nodding, so he smiled and said: "Alright, but both of you have to be good. Ok?"

"Ok, ok!" Qin Feiér hugged Yang Xiaotian and giggled.

Very soon they arrived at the air carriage grounds, the large bird that carries the carriage is sitting on the landing grounds and having a rest. But as soon as it looked at Little Miao, it showed a very nasty look and let out low growls.

"Hey hey, big guy, big guy, hello, hello. My name is Feiér, you can call me Feifei, what is your name?" Qin Feiér quickly ran over to the large bird and began chatting. Yang Xiaotian tried to stop her from going close to such a large bird but Qin Feiér was fast

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