Chapter 159
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Another ten days passed by, and Yang Xiaotian has not spoken to his wives at all for twenty days. He spent time with Qin Feiér and his sister, discussed many things with Doctor Sun, visited Tang Bao and discussed cultivation with him, and did many other things. But he avoided even eye contact with his wives. He is very angry and at the same time, feels quite guilty.

At the same time, Yang Xiaotian's wives are also feeling restless. They finally managed to get close to each other after so long and then they went and berated Yang Xiaotian very harshly. They already felt quite distressed afterward and now Yang Xiaotian is not even talking to them. They decided to go talk to Yang Xiannu and have her mediate the situation.

"Nu-er, you have to speak to Xiaotian. He is acting so hard to get, even after he is caught having an affair." Mu Meiér said with an annoyed tone.

"Now you are talking about having an affair? Back then when I told you to lay down the house rule and stop Tian-er from having any other relationships, you all said that it was your personal matter and you know best what to do. Yet now you come crying for my help! No help, you must lie in your bed just the way you made it!" Yang Xiannu said with a smug tone.

"But that was different! You were telling us to cut ties with our good sisters, how can we do that? Even though I have not met them, Meiér has been with them, and so was Xiaotian, how can we break their relationship? That is unreasonable." Rouér said anxiously.

"True, it is not alright to break off a relationship like that. But this time, we are here, and Xiaotian should have discussed this matter with us before adding a new member to the harem!" Qin Ming also spoke up.

"And were you three giving him the chance to talk to you? If he hugged you, you immediately pushed him away so that Meiér would not feel sad. He had his problems. If you really want to find a solution, go talk to Long Qingchun. She has lived far longer than us, even if all of our ages are combined, we won't be as old as her. She ca

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