Chapter 158
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Ten days passed by in the blink of an eye, this day, someone arrived at the Yang family home in the Yun imperial capital. The one who arrived is Yang Qingmeng, the moment she arrived she saw her father Yang Zhenren standing in the courtyard directly looking at the direction she has been coming from.

"I had a feeling that if I stood here and looked at the sky I would be able to see you." Yang Zhenren said with a somewhat somber tone. His hairs are now all gray and his face has many wrinkles, he looks as if he has grown a hundred years older.

"Father, you don't look well. Why are you standing outside like this? Let's go in." Yang Qingmeng felt her heart break just looking at her father.

"It is fine, I am just tired. I am just an old dog, still clinging onto my lost dignity when I should just bury myself and wait for death. Just like every old dog, I want to go for one last bite before going to my grave. Disgraceful." Yang Zhenren said with a displeased tone.

Yang Qingmeng wanted to say something but she suddenly heard someone calling out to her: "Aunt, you are back. It's been so long."

Yang Qingmeng looked in the direction of the voice, she saw Yang Zhongcheng and chief steward Bai walking out of the mansion. Yang Zhongcheng is smiling happily as he quickened his pace to reach his long-absent aunt.

"Zhongcheng, uncle Bai, it's been too long. It is so good to see you again." Yang Qingmeng said with a happy smile.

"Welcome back young miss, it is good that you are back." chief steward Bai spoke very politely, even he looks like he has grown too old.

"Uncle Bai is there a reason to speak so politely to me? Just call me Meng-er like always." Yang Qingmeng said with a smile. She then looked at Yang Zhongcheng and said: "Zhongcheng, you have grown so much, you have become so handsome too, even young misses from top sects in the Holy Lands would swoon over you."

Yang Qingmeng walked over to Yang Zhongcheng and hugged him dotingly. Yang Zhongcheng also hugged back his aunt. He feels very happy and relieved to see his

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