Chapter 127
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"Yes, the spiritas, they are born from the Eternal Dao, they are not sentient, they traverse the Omniverse based on instinct to find their hosts. They merge with planets that are on the brink of achieving spirituality and become the spirit of the planet. They enter newly born mortals to become their souls. And when the mortals are about to die, they fly away and enter another newborn mortal's body." Yang Xiaotian said with nod.

"Indeed, for common people, only 1% of a spiritas becomes their soul, it is the souls that hold our true selves, we are our souls, our souls are us. Once a mortal dies, the remaining 99% enters another body while the 1% that became us, goes to the yellow river to be judged. However, cultivators who cultivate soul body are capable of taking more from the spiritas and one of the requirements to achieve Body of Origin is to refine the entire spiritas within oneself and convert it into one's soul body." Yang Xiannu spoke very calmly.

"So I have already taken the first step towards the Body of Origin?" Yang Xiaotian showed a very happy expression while talking.

"Yes and no! Although you have converted 90% of the spiritas into several soul bodies, there is still 10% left. You need to be very diligent in your soul power cultivation to convert that last bit. It will be very tough as far as I understand. If it were not hard, everybody would be able to achieve Body of Origin. There is a high chance that you would even die, so be very careful." Yang Xiannu said with a warning tone.

"Alright, I will be very careful. Now let us start practicing those Kung Fu!" Yang Xiaotian said a bit impatiently.

"There is no rush, we have all the time we want. After all, inside a soul space, time does not move if you don't want it!" Yang Xiannu said with a cryptic smile

"What? How is that possible? No wait, I know that time actually moves slowly here but how can it be stopped?" Yang Xiaotian asked with a shocked expression.

"Come on, you already have some ideas right? I know just by looking at your messy soul sp

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