Chapter 126
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Under everyone's astonished gaze, Yang Xiannu took a deep breath. She then looked at Yang Xiaotian and tried to speak up but suddenly Yang Xiaotian jumped at her, hugged her tightly and began rubbing his face in her breasts. Yang Xiannu became shocked and tried to pull him away but Yang Xiaotian raised his face towards her, his face is filled with an innocent childish smile.

"Sis, you are so awesome! So cool!" Yang Xiaotian said very cheerfully as he kept hugging his sister.

Yang Xiannu looked at his innocent smile and sighed inwardly, she then placed her palm on his cheeks and said: "Ok, ok, I get it, sis is awesome and Tian-er is also very impressed! But look over there, your wives are jealous! You can not act like a spoiled child with your sister anymore! You already have several wives! Also, look at how Feiér is laughing at you!"

Yang Xiaotian quickly let go of his sister and looked at his wives, he discovered that all three of them are showing him a very resentful look. On the other hand, Qin Feiér and Di Wanling are giggling looking at him and his sister. Even Little Miao looks like it is laughing at Yang Xiaotian.

"Big brother Tian is such a baby... big brother Tian is a baby..." Qin Feiér kept giggling while speaking in a singing tone.

Di Wanling caressed Qin Feiér's head gently and looked at Yang Xiannu with a sly expression. Yang Xiannu gave her a sharp look but Di Wanling just giggled. Yang Xiaotian kept scratching the back of his head with an embarrassed expression on his face.

"Ok, enough of this. I will now show you something more. Stand by me and pay attention." Yang Xiannu said to Yang Xiaotian, he nodded obediently.

Yang Xiannu relaxed and stood with her arms crossed this time. She let out a light sigh and suddenly, lightning snake, flaming tiger, wind mantis, water crane and the earthen bear appeared together. Then the five elemental constructs began battling each other. The battle became intense from the very start, as much as everyone is shocked by the intensity of the battle, they are mo

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