Book 06 Chapter 073: Temporary Conclusion of the Type-Moon World
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 06 Chapter 073: Temporary Conclusion of the Type-Moon World

Chen Heng gazed at the purified Holy Grail in his hand with great satisfaction. This golden Holy Grail no longer contained dark, lumpy mud but a crystal-clear liquid.

The transparent liquid only filled the Holy Grail to about two-thirds of its capacity, quite a distance yet from full. Chen Heng had to wait for two more days until the Holy Grail War concluded and all the Servants returned to the Throne of Heroes, transferring their mana to the Holy Grail, before it could grant wishes.

However, he could already use the Holy Grail a little, as it had already accumulated a substantial amount of mana.

Chen Heng decided to continue forging Will Energy swords. This time, he drew upon the mana from the Holy Grail to assist his cultivation. Since the Holy Grail War occurred once every 60 years, the mana within the Holy Grail had been accumulating for that long in Fuyuki City’s ley lines. Even using a portion of it now wouldn’t have a significant impact. Furthermore, due to the excess number of Servants summoned in this Holy Grail War, using a bit more mana wouldn’t be an issue, as it would be replenished.

Two days later:

Apart from Chen Heng, a black side Servant, all the other Servants simultaneously began transforming into Spiritual Bodies, converting into mana and flowing into the Holy Grail.

While it was said to be all the other Servants, some, including Hassan of the Hundred Faces and King Hassan, had already transformed into mana and entered the Greater Holy Grail. King Hassan had beheaded Hassan of the Hundred Faces, and with his mission completed, he had no reason to stay in this world, so he disappeared voluntarily.

Besides the Servants who voluntarily disappeared, Luo Li had also dealt with a few Servants whose Masters had been disobedient. For instance, Diarmuid’s Master was quite deceitful. Luo Li had originally considered eliminating both Kayneth and Diarmuid, but she recalled Chen Heng’s earlier words: “Just kill the Servants. Servants will die sooner or later, and without their Servants, the Masters pose no s

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