Book 06 Chapter 056: Customer Service, I’ll Remember This!
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 06 Chapter 056: Customer Service, I’ll Remember This!

Now, it was time to choose abilities. Chen Heng didn’t select attraction, spatial, or gravity abilities; instead, he chose his electromagnetic ability, bringing only this one ability with him.

He omitted attraction and spatial abilities due to their high cost, and the reason for not selecting gravity was simply that the electromagnetic ability was more suitable.

The electromagnetic control ability was not only highly versatile but also complemented Chen Heng’s Electromagnetic Star Sniper Rifle.

As for the cultivator’s cultivation realm, Chen Heng didn’t select any.

Now, the crucial part was Will Energy. After much contemplation, Chen Heng decided to give his alternate world avatar one-fifth of his original Will Energy.

Initially, he intended to go even lower, but the screen indicated that going below this threshold wouldn’t activate the alchemist class.

Ability strength was directly linked to Will Energy strength. With Chen Heng’s current Will Energy, even just one-fifth should be sufficient to bring his electromagnetic control ability to a level close to Lvl 5.

Chen Heng’s Will Energy level far exceeded that of Level 5 ability users from the beginning. Combined with two subsequent Will Energy enhancements, a portion of his ancestor’s Will Energy, and the later Chiliad Mind Tempering Technique he practiced (the method used to refine the Will Energy swords when cultivating the Chiliad Sword Conception; he named it himself), Chen Heng wasn’t even sure of his full power in all-out combat.

He wasn’t worried about encountering overly powerful entities that might lead to his demise because the game had an emergency mechanism. If faced with a lethal attack, he could become invulnerable for one second and quickly project a portion of his strength. Of course, this came at the cost of points.

Skills like Snipe, Steal, firearm proficiency, high-tier cooking, and swordsmanship didn’t require additional points for his avatar. These were knowledge-based skills or techniques executed by Chen Heng’s physical body and woul

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