Book 01 Chapter 023: The Sirin Who Learned How to Act Spoiled
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 01 Chapter 023: The Sirin Who Learned How to Act Spoiled

Actually, Chen Heng just needed to steal the ancestral crystal and hand it to the Ji Clan to take revenge for his parents. The Ji Clan would not let the culprit go. However, he wouldn’t keep the crystal that way. At best, he could use it to start his cultivation, but he would never see it again. The crystal’s ability made it a hot commodity, and he knew that.

However, Chen Heng now had the Dimension Administrators Association to back him. It was easy to grow strong. Once he repaired the Absolute Precognition, he would not need to fear anyone killing him. He could kill the culprit if he used his points to strengthen his abilities. However, he would not be able to live in this world if he got discovered.

This world was actually a high martial fantasy world abounding with all sorts of deities. The culprit’s clan was also a cultivator clan with plenty of ancient cultivators that did not die. If he wanted to do it, he had to do it without being discovered.

Thus, Yakumo Yukari remained his next choice. After Chen Heng understood her ability, he felt fully confident she could kill the culprit. In reality, as long as she did not offend some of the more dangerous deities or immortals, she could sweep her way through this world.

Most importantly, Yakumo Yukari was not from this world. She could run after going on a killing spree.

Of course, Chen Heng preferred to finish off the culprit personally, if possible.

As long as Chen Heng hid long enough, he would grow stronger. When he reached a certain level of strength, killing one person would not incite mass anger. The hidden world followed the law of the jungle; the strong ate the weak.

Chen Heng considered these problems as he practiced his sword. At his skill level, practicing the sword had already become instinct. Without him realizing it, an hour passed.

After he washed up in the bathroom, he went to cook. Today’s breakfast was very simple—sandwiches and milk.

After Chen Heng was done, he went to wake Sirin up. Although it was not eight o’clock yet, he had already

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