Book 01 Chapter 021: Merlin’s Class Begins
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 01 Chapter 021: Merlin’s Class Begins

Iron Fist Teacher: +1

Efreet: +1

Umaru-chan: +1

Blank Never Loses: +1

Queen of Rhodes Island: +10086

[TL Note: +1 in chat means agreed, +10086 means greatly agreed for the Chinese community. It’s typically used in a more comical setting.]

Magus of Flowers: The newcomer finally shows up.

Efreet: The newcomer is probably someone with her own faction. It’s obvious from the display name.

Ding! Queen of Rhodes Island is renamed Kal’tsit.

[TL Note: Kal’tsit is from Arknights. Here is her profile:]

Kal’tsit: I’ve been busy lately. Rhodes Island’s Doctor is missing, and we are currently searching for the Doctor.

He Who Knows Fate: Do you need help?

Kal’tsit: Not for now.

He Who Knows Fate: I feel that I should complete some missions. I have too few points.

Efreet: The person who gained 12,000 by doing nothing is not qualified to say this.

He Who Knows Fate: Does the Ability Third Awakening not require points? I now have 11,200 points. After deducting 10,000 points for that, I only have 1,200 points left. Furthermore, I have an ability that requires fixing. It costs 100,000 points. My goodness!

17-Year-Old Beautiful Young Lady: What kind of divine ability is it to need 100,000 points?

He Who Knows Fate: Absolute Precognition.

Magus of Flowers: …

Queen of Ice and Snow: …

17-Year-Old Beautiful Young Lady: What’s wrong?

Magus of Flowers: Where did you get this ability from? It’s truly a divine ability. Furthermore, looking at the name Absolute Precognition, isn’t that in the style of our Type-Moon games?

[TL Note: Type-Moon is the Japanese game company that produced the Fate series and others like The Garden of Sinners. Here is the Wikipedia entry on it:]

He Who Knows Fate: Yeah, no kidding! It really is from Type-Moon. Have you seen The Garden of Sinners? That world crumbled, and I gained a gift from it.

Queen of Ice and Snow: Truth be told, I suspect that you are the world’s son, given your luck.

He Who Knows Fat

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