Book 01 Chapter 017: Sirin Sleeping In
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 01 Chapter 017: Sirin Sleeping In

Faillen Angel Gabriel: Excellent. I lack teammates like you. Actually, I’m good at games too. I just keep running into lousy teammates. So, what are we playing?

Blank Never Loses: Let’s play League of Kings. It is a game that became popular recently. 5v5. Adding my younger sister, we definitely can win as long as the last player is not lousy.

[TL Note: League of Kings was later rebranded as Honor of Kings (Wangze Rongyao). It is a mobile MOBA dominating the Chinese market. Here is the Wikipedia entry on it; you can read more about League of Kings under the history section:]

Faillen Angel Gabriel: Let’s do it. Wait a moment. I need to import the game into my computer first. The games in the association’s store are truly cheap! There are many that I have never seen before.

Umaru-chan: Sure. I have played it a few times before. It is pretty interesting.

He Who Knows Fate: It looks like the newcomer does not need us to guide him. Explain things to her when you are playing. Remember to do it in a group voice chat, and don’t let the other teammates hear. @Blank Never Loses @Umaru-chan

Umaru-chan: Got it.

He Who Knows Fate: Goodbye. I’m going home to cook for Sirin.

Iron Fist Teacher: I envy Sirin for having someone to cook for her.

He Who Knows Fate: I have no way to follow up on your statement.

Iron Fist Teacher: There’s no need to follow up. I’d better go to the school’s store to buy some bread.

He Who Knows Fate: It sounds very pitiful. Well, I’ve got to go.

While chatting, Chen Heng arrived at the market.

When he walked out of the market, he was carrying two bags full of ingredients. When cooking yesterday, he had used up almost all the ingredients, so he bought a larger quantity today. Since Sirin was still growing, he needed to consider balanced nutrition, including vegetables and meat.

As for cooking dinner at Mo Qingtong’s home, he planned to use their ingredients. They usually kept some high-class ingredients there, allowing fo

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