Book 01 Chapter 012: One-Thousand-Year-Old Women’s Mutual Hate
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 01 Chapter 012: One-Thousand-Year-Old Women’s Mutual Hate

“Take your time to eat. There’s no rush. Have some water.”

“Nom! Nom!” Sirin clearly liked these two food items. She started eating the moment she got off the taxi. By the time they reached the house, she had already finished half of them. How can Sirin eat so much? Chen Heng glanced at her belly and found it flat.

“What’s wrong, Elder Brother?” Sirin noticed Chen Heng’s gaze. “Do you want some?” Sirin proffered the squid balls to him.

“There’s no need. You can eat it. Elder Brother is not hungry.”

After entering the house, Chen Heng took out a cell phone from his necklace and handed it to Sirin. This was his previous cell phone, but it was not old, just used for about half a year.

“Sirin, use this cell phone first. I’ll bring you to buy a new one tomorrow. It is already connected to the WiFi. Here is the charger. Do you know how to use these?”

“I do. I’m not some caveman that appeared out of nowhere. Elder Brother, are you looking down on my ability to look after myself? I lost my memories, not my common sense.”

During the trip to the amusement park, Chen Heng had read some of the information that Umaru-chan sent. Most of it was comics and some official profiles. He discovered that Sirin died when she was 14 years old in 2000. Sirin shows no confusion or curiosity over modern electronics. She can even use a smartphone with familiarity. This must be the effect of the temporary legal identity. The 100 points were worth it.

“Alright. Sirin, go back to your room first. Don’t play with the phone until too late at night.”

“Got it!”

After Sirin went upstairs, Chen Heng walked to the basement. I finally can initiate the ability second awakening.

The basement had come with the house. Later on, his parents renovated it. Its toughness could handle most emergencies. Right now, there was nothing in the basement but a cushion.

Skadi mentioned that if the potential of one’s ability is high, it will cause a large commotion. My room wouldn’t be suitable for this. After thinking about it, Chen Heng decided to initiate the ability s

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