Chapter 85: You're Welcome
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 85: You're Welcome

Lightning flashed, instantly lighting up the roiling dark sky.

The massive body of that god had thoroughly vanished in the darkness. There was no longer any sign of activity from the unknown entity that had launched the long-range strike.

“Is this BOSS battle over just like that?”

Lin Jie lowered his sword and spurred his griffin forward. The brilliant flame-like sword lit up the area ahead, but the fog around this place was just as quiet as before.

The enemy that had launched the latest attack did indeed catch him slightly off guard.

Mainly because its timing had been so abrupt.

He had only just immersed himself in this extremely lifelike 'VR game' experience. The instincts of Candela's body as well as his soul, which was now a sword spirit, had made this battle seem like a beginner’s tutorial as it had lowered the difficulty by a great deal.

Lin Jie felt that he himself was idling and the one actually fighting was still Candela. All Lin Jie did was provide some directions and make the decision.

On top of that, the 'god' in this dream clearly wasn't the 'god' that had made Candela go insane just by looking straight at it.

The current 'god' had appeared terrifying, but it couldn't hold a candle to the one in Candela's memories.

According to what Candela said, this new god that had once again appeared after ten thousand years was a massive threat to his people. Thus, he had listened to Lin Jie's suggestion, which was to decide to face his past mistakes and give his all to help his people before he withered away by challenging this god.

Using his similar experience in the past to make up for his regrets back then.

Lin Jie felt that Candela's willingness to listen, admit his mistakes, and change for the better was laudable. Moreover, he felt that his own imagination within dreams was really unrivaled.

Appearance-wise, this massive BOSS had really seemed extremely oppressing, but in actuality, its fighting ability wasn't a big deal.

But since this was a dream, it was reasonable for things to turn out this way.

Only the whistling of wind could be heard beyond the black fog that stretched for miles into the distance.

Lin Jie suddenly heard Candela's relieved voice resounding from within him, "It's over... Thanks to your help, I have completed my final wish and have used whatever remaining strength I had left to protect my people and their land.

"Ten thousand years have passed and everything has gone with the wind. All I can do is only this much.

"Running away forever is much easier than facing my sins. Without your guidance, I fear that I would never be able to confront my cowardly and despicable true self for all eternity.

"Thank you."

Lin Jie felt his heart stir and glanced down at the sword in his hands. His exquisite gauntlets emitted a faint glow, and his entire arms started to become transparent, gradually turning into golden grains that scattered in the wind.

Haa... Such an ending indeed...

Lin Jie mused to himself. Candela was already long dead after all, just that his resentment and bitterness were bound to the sword, causing his soul to linger for ten thousand years.

From all of Candela's memories that he experienced, Lin Jie felt that Candela was indeed a true sage king before he went mad.

To Candela, being able to sacrifice all his remaining strength to once again protect his own country was a blessing indeed, just that he didn't dare face his past because of his cowardice and self-blame.

The chicken soup that Teacher Lin had doled out this time was exceedingly effective. Not only had it opened up Candela's heart, but it had also even helped put the bitter soul that lingered on the sword to rest.

Although he's perished, being able to return to his own homeland and kingdom was ultimately the best conclusion for him. This should be the ending of this storyline, haa.

As Lin Jie mused, he smiled slightly and gestured with his hands. "You're welcome."

Candela’s body gradually faded and the golden grains became twinkling lights that dispersed to every direction.

Darkness shrank wherever the lights reached, and the soil covered by the thick fog was slowly exposed inch by inch with fresh flowers sprouting out and swaying in the wind.

The kingdom from ten thousand years ago was a flourishing land.

The remaining water vapor in the sky above the scorched battlefield condensed into a light drizzle.

Smoke and dust diffused into the air and were swept away by the wind.

Thick clouds that filled the sky had been scattered by the immense aetheric blast, and the torrential rain that had gone on for a month finally reached its conclusion.

The griffin-riding elf was like a god towering on the fringes where dream and reality intersected.

His sword reflected the massive crater ahead and an expanse of apocalyptic ruins.

This confrontation had merely lasted for a few minutes, but everyone involved or observing the battle had witnessed this elf going straight up against the Aether Annihilation Cannon and had destroyed all three of the Truth Union’s cannon batteries.

Secret Rite Tower knights were left dumbfounded and it took them several seconds to snap out from their daze.

Even though Winston had shouted out “Stay calm, maintain your vigilance” through his comms, those who were on the fringes of the dream realm couldn’t help falling into a momentary panic.

Meanwhile, the Truth Union was in a state of deathly silence and utter chaos.

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Winston knew that his orders wouldn’t do much to control the situation under these circumstances. His own back was drenched in a cold sweat and his palm around his communications device was clammy.


He exhaled sharply as he watched the elven king from the legends told.

Then, his pupils contracted as he noticed the elf’s body starting to turn into specks of light which disappeared shortly after.

Following that, Winston sensed the dream realm shrinking and the aetheric fluctuations started to weaken.

From his years of experience, he was able to determine that the dream realm fracture had started to close following that divinely dream beast’s demise. However, his eyes were still firmly fixed on that elf.

Since this was a voluntary dissipation, it meant that this ancient brave spirit was indeed summoned by someone and had been given orders.

Naturally, there was a very high possibility that the one pulling the strings behind the scenes was that bookstore owner.

I wonder if he will still do anything else...

Then, Winston noticed the elf smiling brightly and saying, “You’re welcome,” while waving his hand.

You’re welcome?!

Winston couldn’t help looking towards where the elf’s gaze was at. That was the direction of the Truth Union that had been beaten by him.

Anyone would know that ‘You’re welcome’ was a response to a thank you.

Then, the meaning of this phrase was ‘There’s no need to thank me for beating you all to a pulp. It’s what I ought to do.’

Baam! Crash!

Sounds of hands slamming on the table and a bunch of items being swept to the floor rang out.

On the display screen in the conference room, the smiling elf’s hand waving-gesture and saying ‘You’re welcome’ was an especially unpleasant sight.

Andrew’s face was nearly distorted from rage. Gritted teeth, bulging veins, and the trembling body displayed his extreme fury.

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