Chapter 5: Transmigrator Lin Jie
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 5: Transmigrator Lin Jie

Yes, Lin Jie was a transmigrator who had transmigrated from Earth over to this vast country named Azir.

There were countless other transmigrators out there in this vast cosmos, but in certain aspects, he was a unique one because his transmigration was, to a certain degree, voluntary.

It all started from Teacher Lin's hobby.

It is common knowledge that youngsters nowadays have weird quirks, ranging from OCD, claustrophobia, all the way to the need to read every single line of text on a shampoo bottle.

Lin Jie was a compulsive book collector. His greatest wish was to collect all the printed books in the world. Regardless of whether he could finish reading all of them, just the thought of having all those hardcover books arranged neatly in shelves was enough to make him hard…

Needless to say, it was impossible for him to take on such a great undertaking on his own. Just China alone had over ninety thousand new books printed every six months. Assuming that each book cost 45 RMB, it would take him a hulking 4 million RMB to purchase all of them! It was financially impossible for him to collect all of the books in China, let alone all of the books in the world!

And this was merely the monetary aspect of the problem.

There were other obstacles such as obtaining out-of-print books, or books that were outright banned. Searching and collecting all these books would require unimaginable time and effort, if even possible at all.

In other words, this was nothing more than Lin Jie's pipe dream.

But it all changed one day when Lin Jie unknowingly discovered a shortcut—a ritual that could realize any wish as long as he paid the price.

Admittedly, Lin Jie was indeed skeptical about the ritual, but he still conducted it out of curiosity and made the wish of obtaining all books in the world.

As soon as he made his wish, he vaguely heard a gentle muttering that he couldn't comprehend. With a short blink, he suddenly found himself in another world, standing before an abandoned bookstore.

There was an inexplicable thought in his mind th

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