Chapter 410: That Bookstore Owner Isn't That Strong
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 410: That Bookstore Owner Isn't That Strong

Michael pulled down his hood as he faced the endless dark blue sea. Wind blew his hat loose, and his golden hair fell out, making it appear even more dazzling under the red sunset.

His feet treaded lightly on the golden beach as the reddish-yellow rays reflected on his face.

This was a void domain created by the sovereign who had claimed the void as his own territory as well as the most powerful black magician at present—Zaphkiel.

Even Michael couldn't help being in awe at the one who ruled the void. Everything in the world first came from the void. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Zaphkiel was the master of all things.

After all, there was nothing more permanent than the nothingness of the Void. Eternity was just but nothingness…

Michael once had a total of nine companions like Zaphkiel. He thought he might be able to fulfill his dream by gathering the ten that possessed the power to shape the world.

After all, concepts of 'eternity' to these nine were as simple as eating to humans.


Michael sat down on a rock that had been eroded by waves as he gazed out at the boundless sea, lost in thought.

However, four of his nine companions had already fallen in succession, and the one who had taken them down was just a mere fellow who self-proclaimed himself as a bookstore owner.

The founding members of the Path of the Flaming Sword were all ancient Supreme-rank beings that had existed for ages. Their level of mysticism had long surpassed 99% of transcendent beings in the world. Yet now, they were like droplets of water in a funnel, gravitating toward the hole in the center—the bookstore owner.

Boss... Lin, huh?

Bookstore owner, what sort of frightening existence are you? What's the reason for you to oppose me at every turn? What exactly is your goal?

Faint silhouettes gradually took shape in the emptiness as Michael lost himself in thought.

Michael stood up from the rock and readjusted his white robe. Ignoring the sea breeze rustling it, he held the red cross in his hand like a walking st

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