Chapter 36: Master Key
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 36: Master Key


Melissa gasped for breath, feeling as though she had just experienced dying.

Traces of that frightening sensation still lingered in her mind and whatever she understood before was completely revamped. Her soul felt as though it had been crushed by a violent force before being pieced together anew.

Her deepest intrinsic essence seemed as if it was forcefully dug out and rampantly trampled on before this void was crammed full with that strange and unknown emptiness.

She felt as if she was a different self from before she had flipped open the book. Even though all of this had occurred in the same space, she felt that she was no longer the same Melissa.

Although she couldn’t really understand what was going on, Melissa vaguely knew what it was that had replaced her soul's intrinsic essence and filled her body— “The Cornerstone of Everything”.

Or perhaps… it could be described as a master key that could unlock whatever doors there were.

Just that this cornerstone within her body had restrictions and could only be used on ‘knight’ characteristics.

But that also meant that from this point on, as long as she was willing, Melissa could immediately acquire all abilities with regards to knights and just needed training to hone them.

Figuratively speaking, “The Cornerstone of Everything” turned reality into a video game and those abilities became skill trees.

All she needed to do was tap an icon, accumulate experience and just continuously level up.

Bottlenecks nor impediments with regards to her progress no longer existed. T-this is a great undertaking that only a god can bring about!

She finally understood the implied meaning of S...Supreme-rank.

With a pale face and sweating bucketloads, Melissa deeply regretted her impulsiveness.

Prior to this, Melissa had never left Norzin before and had never faced off against any entity beyond Pandemonium-rank. She could still take Joseph as a reference for a Destructive-rank but she totally had no real concept of what a Supreme-rank was.

Moreover, there were already very f

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