Chapter 348: Confrontation
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 348: Confrontation

Although the daytime open-air banquet didn't start till eight on the second morning, Fitch woke up rather early.

After washing up, he stayed in his room and stood in front of the mirror practicing what to say when he saw Lin Jie later.

"Ahem… Good morning. Did you sleep well last night?

"No, no, that’s way too unremarkable! Moreover, it's superfluous. As if an entity of such a level could suffer from poor sleep…

"Ahem, what a coincidence. Do you want to have breakfast together?

"I've already asked around. The breakfast venue is at the restaurant on the second floor of the west wing and it is also completely self-service. It can’t be missed. Moreover, we would pass by some of the female guest rooms to get there. Although we can’t see anything, perhaps we might encounter a…

"Ah no no no, what the hell am I talking about!" Fitch raised his hand to cover his face. "Does Mr. Lin even care about such things?

Fitch was simply an ignorant country bumpkin seeing the world for the first time. Surely others who attended the banquet would find these topics boring and vulgar, right?

"These upper-class people… No, I can't think like an ordinary person anymore. I'm a transcendent being now. I have to think and speak like one!” muttered Fitch to himself as he made up his mind. Then, he winked at the mirror and danced for a bit before he suddenly noticed a patch of greenish-black under his eyes. His eyes were bloodshot and his face was pale. It was obvious that Fitch hadn’t slept well.

He hadn’t slept well indeed. In fact, Fitch hadn’t slept at all last night and had spent all that time studying the book Nest of Malevolent Chaos.

He was mesmerized by the contents and was immersed in the book. If he had to describe it, it felt as if he had actually had a deep sleep and realized the sky was already bright when he woke up.

At the same time, it felt as if there was a bubble deep within his soul bursting forth, giving birth to a new him.

That was indeed his ability improving… It was wonderful and truly unbelievable.

Till now, he was sti

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