Chapter 312: You Are Impure
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 312: You Are Impure

That’s right. Hood. It’s him.

If that’s the case, it’s logical since Boss Lin has that sort of power indeed… The power to transform an unassuming second generation scholar into a great one.

Just that I never imagined it would happen. From what I know, it’s likely that he offended Boss Lin, so why was he helped instead? Furthermore, it seems like he’s gotten more benefits than others.

For instance, Ji Zhixiu was currently one of the earliest recorded patrons of the bookstore, yet she’s only recently hit peak Pandemonium-rank. Not only was her progress gradual, she has yet to succeed in ascending to Destructive-rank.

And Hood has somehow reached heights unfathomable by ordinary scholars.

From the analysis report of the Logistics Division, although Boss Lin doesn’t mention this, the extent of help he is willing to provide for a customer is actually separated by different levels. As for the specifics, he will first have to determine the price the customer is willing to pay.

An example was Joseph himself. He had only regained his powers and was granted the opportunity to ascend to Supreme-rank only because he had offered the demon sword to Boss Lin as well as providing several instances of help.

Vincent was another case study. The price this individual had paid was a rather complicated one. It could be said that Vincent lost every single bit of his normalcy, and it could even be said that he was turned into a tool of Boss Lin’s. However, the price he paid was great, and hence he directly ascended to Supreme-rank and took charge of a new faith.

Ji Zhixiu might have made contact with the bookstore at an earlier time, but the fact was that the price she paid was on a smaller scale, so she didn’t receive that much benefit.

What price did Hood pay to be able to obtain such power?

At the moment, Joseph had no answer at all.

Having mulled over it for a while, Joseph returned to his senses. He stopped and turned around at the doorway to first reorganize the team he brought along, re-emphasize the task at hand as well as getting them to make preparations.

Then, he would need to bring some of his men along to follow Andrew and Hood into the innermost heart of Norzin.

Claude had yet to recover from his severe injuries sustained during the previous incident with Oswald and was still recuperating, hence his absence on the current mission.

Claude’s supposed workload had to be all borne by Joseph at present.

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