Chapter 309: Deathmatch
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 309: Deathmatch

Melissa, who was supposed to report to the Intelligence Division, is actually taking part in this operation?!

Upon learning this fact, Vivian instantly understood that someone within Secret Rite Tower was messing around!

Anyone would immediately realize the severity of this issue upon taking a moment to think about it. Melissa’s presence on the battlefield was now like a ticking time bomb, and if no precautions were taken, it could set off the conflict between Wilde and Joseph, which had been dormant for the past two years but was now like a taut string on the verge of snapping.

Theft is never good, try looking at

Moreover, the fight between the Corpse Devouring Sect and Secret Rite Tower was about to commence…

This was a battle that was bound to happen, just that it was now being brought forward.

But the ones behind the scenes surely had an ulterior motive. Perhaps they wanted to take advantage of the chaos to do certain things, just like the Magic Ovum Mirror.

These were uncontrollable factors and had to be stopped.

However, the top of Vivian’s current worries was fear for Melissa’s life.

After all, Melissa had already become something like family to her.

“Melissa, return immediately!”

Vivan couldn’t be bothered about the battlefield command as she immediately used the emergency channel to issue instructions to Melissa in a strict manner.

As this mission was still mainly about clearing the middle and lower level members of the Corpse Devouring Sect gathered here and the opposing Pandemonium-ranks had yet to appear, Vivan currently only had a subdued role to play and was in a safer spot at the backline for the time being.

Melissa was stunned on her end but still replied, “Alright… I’ll head back at once.”

Unconditional obedience to superiors on the battlefield was one of the compulsory precepts for knights of Secret Rite Tower.

Even when in doubt, one must carry out one’s orders first and wait till the battle was concluded before clarifying them with the superiors.

However, it was uncertain whether a superior would answer and there was also the risk of being punished for transgression of authority.

Vivian exhaled in relief when she heard Melissa’s reply.

Thank goodness… The situation hasn’t become too troublesome yet.

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