Chapter 277: Fate Has Allowed Me To Grant You An Opportunity
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 277: Fate Has Allowed Me To Grant You An Opportunity

In the study on the second floor.

Oswald appeared conflicted as his expressions changed unpredictably.

On the table before him was a broken stone gargoyle that had been reassembled as well as a dagger.

The stone gargoyle seemed dull and riddled with cracks, with only the eerie glint from the two blood-red eyes establishing the extraordinary nature of this sculpture.

It was undoubtedly extraordinary.

This was an evil construct capable of accommodating a thousand souls. When it came alive, it possessed enormous might, comparable to a peak Pandemonium-rank transcendent being.

Yet, the creator of this stone gargoyle being merely at mid-Pandemonium-rank back when he created it was evident of that black magician's talent in Creationism Magic.

Indeed, what was truly extraordinary was the creator of this sculpture.

‘Faceless Black Scale’ Wilde.

Oswald couldn’t help recalling the moment when he had found out about his grandson’s folly. Having learned how highly regarded the bookstore was during the recent meeting at Secret Rite Tower made him despair as he didn't know whether he would accept this fate or fight against it.

At that time, Joseph hadn't yet started investigating, which also meant that with all the reputation and power Oswald had accumulated over the years, he did have the ability to destroy evidence, delay the investigation, and subsequently get into an arm wrestle with Joseph.

At the very least, things wouldn't be like what it was now, where his own home was being occupied after a matter of days even though he hadn't put up any sign of resistance.

Theft is never good, try looking at

The reason behind the current one-sided situation was simple.

It wasn’t because Oswald had chosen to accept his fate.

Rather, it was the sudden appearance of the masked Wilde offering him a third alternative.

“Regardless of whether you believe it or not, I have no intentions of blathering with you. I’m only here to convey the unfortunate fact that Secret Rite Tower has de

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