Chapter 27: Person In A Dream
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 27: Person In A Dream

Falling snow, a hill full of iris flowers, a huge ancient tree, and a sleeping beauty. It seemed as if everything Lin Jie saw was bathed in a warm glow, as if his vision was through a soft filter. All of it constituted a fairytale-like picturesque scene.

This is indeed an incomparably beautiful dream… Old Wilde wasn’t lying, mused Lin Jie as he observed the bed of flowers before stooping down to pluck an iris and smelling it.

Swirling the flower, Lin Jie noticed that its petals were pure and elegant. Regardless of sight, smell or touch, this flower couldn’t be any more realistic.

A lucid dream?

Occasionally, Lin Jie would also have dreams where he could maintain his clear-headedness and even be aware he was dreaming. These sorts of dreams were called lucid dreams.

In this state, a person dreaming would have full control over his actions, thoughts, and even memory. Some could even make their own dream feel no different from actual reality.

Even though it sounds really incredible, in reality, the phenomenon of lucid dreams wasn’t that rare and a person could train themselves to be capable of having lucid dreams.

Lin Jie wasn’t someone who could easily achieve lucid dreaming. Based on his memory, he only had a handful of dreams where he was aware he was dreaming.

Now, he had entered a lucid dreaming state after having just hung up the dreamcatcher. Lin Jie was still skeptical of the dreamcatcher’s effect.

Perhaps, the spider web design and Old Wilde’s words had induced subtle psychological suggestions, resulting in this dream realm.

Lin Jie felt this was the most logical and scientific explanation.

Of course, he wasn’t someone who needed to always get to the bottom of something rationality and all these were just his passing thoughts. As a romanticist who would brew a pot of tea while waiting for an unknown customer to come visit during a rainstorm, Lin Jie was still rather willing to believe that this was a mystical gift from Old Wilde.

Nevertheless, since this was a dream, could he do as he pleased? Lin Jie cast a p

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