Chapter 27: Person In A Dream
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 27: Person In A Dream

Falling snow, a hill full of iris flowers, a huge ancient tree, and a sleeping beauty. It seemed as if everything Lin Jie saw was bathed in a warm glow, as if his vision was through a soft filter. All of it constituted a fairytale-like picturesque scene.

This is indeed an incomparably beautiful dream… Old Wilde wasn’t lying, mused Lin Jie as he observed the bed of flowers before stooping down to pluck an iris and smelling it.

Swirling the flower, Lin Jie noticed that its petals were pure and elegant. Regardless of sight, smell or touch, this flower couldn’t be any more realistic.

A lucid dream?

Occasionally, Lin Jie would also have dreams where he could maintain his clear-headedness and even be aware he was dreaming. These sorts of dreams were called lucid dreams.

In this state, a person dreaming would have full control over his actions, thoughts, and even memory. Some could even make their own dream feel no different from actual reality.

Even though it sounds really incredible, in reality, the phenomenon of lucid dreams wasn’t that rare and a person could train themselves to be capable of having lucid dreams.

Lin Jie wasn’t someone who could easily achieve lucid dreaming. Based on his memory, he only had a handful of dreams where he was aware he was dreaming.

Now, he had entered a lucid dreaming state after having just hung up the dreamcatcher. Lin Jie was still skeptical of the dreamcatcher’s effect.

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Perhaps, the spider web design and Old Wilde’s words had induced subtle psychological suggestions, resulting in this dream realm.

Lin Jie felt this was the most logical and scientific explanation.

Of course, he wasn’t someone who needed to always get to the bottom of something rationality and all these were just his passing thoughts. As a romanticist who would brew a pot of tea while waiting for an unknown customer to come visit during a rainstorm, Lin Jie was still rather willing to believe that this was a mystical gift from Old Wilde.

Nevertheless, since this was a dream, could he do as he pleased? Lin Jie cast a probing gaze at the maiden lying beneath the tree.

He was rather curious as to why of all things he could dream of, he just had to dream of a woman. Of course, he couldn’t say that this was something he wouldn’t dream of as he was a man after all.

But logically speaking, a character in his dream shouldn’t be so vivid yet completely unfamiliar.

In the end, it’s just a dream. Anything is possible in a dream right? Lin Jie mused to himself.

He slowly brushed aside the bed of flowers and inched his way to the tree. Lin Jie wanted to see exactly how this “person of his dreams” looked like.

Lin Jie noticed this lady was even prettier up close than he imagined. She had an air of ethereal beauty, as if she was a sculpture of the Roman goddess Venus.

Long silver hair sprawled over the bed of flowers like a silk curtain. Her flawless snow-white body heaved lightly as she slept and even her long eyelashes like fluttering butterfly wings were pure white. In a sense, it seemed as if she was wearing a white crown of thorns.

As expected of a dream. This is simply a scene out of an oil painting. Lin Jie sighed with admiration.

He hadn’t said anything all this time and merely muttered in his heart as he couldn’t bear to disrupt this dream-like vibe.

But... since this was a dream, he could allow himself to be a little more unbridled.

Lin Jie stooped down and brushed aside a few strands of silver hair, revealing the lady’s ear. Gently, he slipped the white iris flower on top of her left ear.

Lin Jie had never done such a mushy action to any lady before back in reality, let alone to a stranger that he had just met.

But since this was a dream, he just did as he wanted. Moreover, he was just presenting a gift because he was mesmerized by her beauty… even though the flower was her own.

Lin Jie set the flower in place and had just straightened his back when he suddenly realized a pair of silver-white eyes staring back at him.


He took two steps back in a rush.


A sudden gust blew, causing the iris flowers to rustle in the wind and glow. Snow-white flower petals floated up and the massive tree creaked loudly like an antique pipe organ.

The entire dream world seemed to spin.

The silver-haired lady wrapped in light, white fabric stood up from the bed of flowers as she glanced at Lin Jie with a look of bewilderment and suspicion.

Lin Jie suddenly realized her height was beyond what he expected.

He hadn’t realized it when she was leaning against the tree, but when this lady stood up, Lin Jie had to raise his head in order to see her entire figure.

What this meant, was that the ‘person in his dream’ was at least two meters tall...

As expected, anything is possible in a dream.

Or, it could be Lin Jie’s senses being somewhat disoriented because he was in a dream.

“Who are you?” asked the tall ‘person in the dream’ as she eyed Lin Jie. Her gentle voice that had a matured womanly charm was strangely captivating.

Lin Jie was momentarily dazed. He hadn’t expected such a question from the other party. On the contrary, he had been about to ask this question and see what sort of interesting answer this character assembled from his subconscious mind would give.

He totally never expected this person to steal his move as well as his question...

But when he thought about it, wouldn’t a conversation between a ‘person dreaming’ and a ‘person in the dream’ be even more interesting?

Lin Jie pondered for a moment and smiled. “Someone currently dreaming.”

The ‘person in his dream’ reached out to touch the iris flower on her ear and said, “Naturally, you are the one having the dream.”

She actually knows that she’s in a dream?

Lin Jie immediately found it interesting. He could have a lucid dream and the person in his dream was aware she was in a dream. Would she also know that she didn’t exist in reality?

But unless this person he was dreaming of was real and had linked up with this dream realm through some unknown means, this would all be complete nonsense.

Thus, the person in his dreams was just a figment of his subconscious.

“At least this answer is true so it’s my turn to ask now.” Lin Jie skillfully turned the question into a sort of equal exchange. Clearing his throat, he asked, “Who are you? —You can’t say that you are a person in my dream.”

Perhaps because it was a dream, Lin Jie felt he was showing a slight bit of roguish tendencies.

The ‘person in his dream’ smiled, lifting her white satin skirt in a simple curtsy, “Silver, that’s my name.”

“Just your name?” replied Lin Jie.

“At least this answer is true.” Silver tilted her head and continued, “It’s my turn to ask, am I right?”

Lin Jie choked a little and nodded, clearly taken aback that she even knew how to ‘counterattack’.

Silver’s gaze fell as she said dejectedly, “I have been here for a long, long time. It’s been so long that I’ve already forgotten the significance of time. This is clearly a beautiful place, yet I often feel that it is too quiet. Could you tell me why I’m feeling this way?”

Isn’t this just loneliness? mused Lin Jie to himself.

Could he also provide his professional expertise in a dream?

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