Chapter 208: Stone Gargoyle: WTF?!
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 208: Stone Gargoyle: WTF?!

Witnessing Lin Jie fiddling with the stuck ring made Mu’en’s entire body go limp.

Walpurgis had specifically reminded her to recover that ring because it was the very same ring of contract Walpurgis had given to the Moon for safekeeping back then. The ring symbolized the covenant made with those who sought her protection; back when she still controlled the Night, that is.

Afterwards, as dreams extended into reality, causing the moon to die and have its power stolen, the ring was also taken due to its symbolism for its concepts of ‘contract’ and ‘compliance,’ making it an essential object to be used for the summoning ritual of the false god.

Though ‘Walpurgis Night’ represented the blessings and protection of the Primordial Witches, it was first established by Walpurgis, hence the name.

However, ever since the Third Era, Walpurgis’ anointed could no longer locate the Primordial Witch whom they were bound to.

Of course, after the Dark Age ended, they no longer required this protection and as such, each and everyone went their own ways, some perishing while others prospered.

Only those who viewed Primordial Witches as their faith would continue their persistence in pursuing any signs of the Primordial Witches in this relatively peaceful era.

The Iris Clan that Doris was affiliated with was one such example…

What was Mu’en going to do now?

Mu’en stared hard at the ring that was now steadfastly affixed onto the finger of her boss. Did this mean that the covenant had now been transferred onto her boss?

In most circumstances, the odds of such an occurrence was nil.

After all, this was a transcendental relic, and it was impossible for there to be no prerequisites involved.

For instance, the past iterations of popes had all regarded the ring as a sacred artifact and it was only explicitly worn during special ceremonies, and not a single one of them had received the ring’s approval.

Though Walpurgis was rather lazy and hadn’t set up any prerequisites, the ring itself still had an innate threshold—the bearer needed to possess a dream real

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