Chapter 178: I Know That You Know That I Know What It Is
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 178: I Know That You Know That I Know What It Is

What’s this? Have me join becauseyou can't beat me?

Do you take me for a fool?

These were Lin Jie's thoughts when he heard this offer.

First and foremost, this organization was a bad one, involved in doping the Church of the Dome's congregation with addictive substances to the use of live sacrifices in the making of Congreve’s human skin book.

Inviting me to join such an organization that engages in such inhumane deeds! Do I look like a bitter villain that's been through so much suffering that I want to inflict pain on the world in retaliation?!

And given that you look on the verge of collapse, even if I accepted your invitation to join this organization, who am I going to turn to if you die right here?

This is just ridiculous!

Therefore, there was only one single truth—Young Mike is a cunning man.

In fact, he doesn't want me to join but is just trying to shake me using reverse psychology because he doesn't have long left.

When hearing such a thing at a time like this, most people might think it so obviously false, that they might feel there's some truth deep down and start having doubts over the veracity of everything this fellow says.

If Lin Jie hesitated or was tempted, it would cause him to have some inner doubt, and Michael’s purpose would be achieved.

Haa... his mind games aren’t that shabby, thought Boss Lin to himself.

Lin Jie sneered and decided to reject him.

But on second thought, the young man in front of him looked inexplicably like he was about to die, and whatever he had said was mainly useless except for the part where he was provoked to spill the beans, so it was better to play along.

Thus, Lin Jie felt that there was no harm playing along.

I’ll pretend to say yes, and then get more information out of him!

The kind-hearted and upright Boss Lin wasn't someone that would normally deceive others and had initially wanted to let Michael confess because the dying tended to speak their heart.

However, he never imagined this shameless criminal would still try to keep mum and even play mind games.


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