Chapter 161: Heart Enchantment Seal
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 161: Heart Enchantment Seal


Lin Jie's eyes widened slightly, and his fingers subconsciously started tapping on the table as he fell into thought.

He knew that Cherry had relied on her own efforts to eke out a high position within the Ash Chamber of Commerce over the past few years.

—Of course, there were also rumors and old wives' tales that her father had a preference towards his illegitimate children, or that his mistress was his true love.

At the same time, one could imagine that Cherry's climb wasn't a smooth one. She still had a bunch of covetous siblings to contend with.

Furthermore, the Ash Chamber of Commerce was a business organization established by several families, split into three branches and each controlled by a different family that kept each other in check.

Therefore, if Cherry wanted to expand further, she would be faced with limitations both internally and externally.

And amongst the internal branch was a fellow named Congreve that spoke the loudest against her.

Of course, Congreve had reason and the capacity to do so. Before Cherry returned to the Chapman family, Congreve had been the person most likely to inherit the family business and already had a number of loyal supporters.

If it wasn't for Cherry's uncanny ability and rapid ascend, she would have been utterly suppressed right from the start.

Even now, Congreve's power wasn't to be underestimated. Although Cherry's advantage was overwhelming, she could still only stifle Congreve but not remove him from the reckoning.

He was always a risk and Cherry always had to be cautious about his movements.

And now, specifically mentioning a book gotten from Congreve's side meant that Cherry’s call wasn't without purpose.

It was possible that the particular book documented or proved something that could be used to hurt Congreve or even make him lose his supporters.

Therefore, Cherry had sought out Lin Jie specially…

She had done so because of her trust in him, but... Cherry's current status meant that she would have many capable people at her side yet none of them had

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