Chapter 645 - Black Beret
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 645 - Black Beret

“All team members, assemble urgently!”

In a military base in Seoul, the Black Beret Special Forces members gathered. Cloaked in their military gear and urged by their respective commanders, they arranged themselves according to rank on the training grounds.

The massive floodlights near the military base's training ground illuminated the entire facility. The Special Forces members were not aware of the specific mission yet. Nobody asked as they quietly stood in formation, waiting for the highest command to issue orders.

“We have received the highest directive from the Blue House, and everyone must enter wartime status. We have an important mission ahead, and the Supreme Commander insists that we must accomplish it at any cost. The details of the mission will be explained by your respective frontline commanders on the way. This is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill!”

“Hurry up, get into your combat positions!”

“Yes, sir!”

The Black Beret Special Forces members quickly mobilized. Armed helicopters circled in the sky, military Humvee were parked at designated locations, and even tanks were prepared.

Although these Special Forces members were curious about the mission, having armored vehicles deployed in Seoul raised eyebrows. Wasn't it excessive for dealing with potential terrorists? And what were tanks being used for?

For a moment, the Special Forces members were puzzled. This was Seoul, the capital city. Even if there were terrorists, deploying tanks seemed unnecessary. Was this a military coup? The mission orders were not issued here but would be given on the way.

However, despite their suspicions, these well-trained Special Forces members had been through rigorous training. They were South Korea's most formidable fighting force, and they obeyed orders without questions.

The Black Beret Special Forces were equipped with American gear, high-end equipment sold to South Korea by the United States. These members were armed to the teeth, experienced in various terrains, and were comparable to renowned A

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