Chapter 618 - Genetic Weapons Manufacturing Prohibition Treaty
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 618 - Genetic Weapons Manufacturing Prohibition Treaty

“This… this is the knowledge of the ancients!”

The scientist who held the golden sphere had a look of excitement on his face. Before the numerous world leaders could express their anger, he quickly said, "The ancient civilization is truly remarkable, capable of creating terrifying creatures like Shoggoths. This civilization has a profound understanding of biology, and the sphere contains the biological insights they attained."

Upon hearing the scientist's words, the leaders in the room became extremely hopeful. The President of the United States couldn't wait and exclaimed, "Does it contain information on how to create Shoggoths?"

Everyone had witnessed the horrors of Shoggoths, and even a single one of them required the firepower of an air-to-ground missile to eliminate. These creatures had a terrifying appearance, powerful psychic abilities, and incredible regenerative powers. If the knowledge to create Shoggoths was found within the sphere, it would mean that humans could also produce such bioweapons.

As usual, when humans acquired new knowledge, their first thought was whether it could be used to create weapons. Even in the new age, this violent streak could not be tamed.

"Shoggoths are uncontrollable monsters. Even an ancient civilization with a history of billions of years was annihilated by their own creations. Do you really dare to manufacture them if humans acquire the means? I'm afraid that the moment we succeed in creating them will be the day of humanity's destruction,"

The Russian President, who often clashed with the President of the United States, sarcastically remarked. He had done his homework on the Cthulhu Mythos, and while he wasn't an expert, he knew some of the details.

The President of the United States blushed immediately and glared at the expert on his side, who was seemingly unaware of this matter and didn't know why he was being blamed.

"Have you seen the Hollywood movie 'Alien'? The relationship between the Shoggoths and the ancient civilization is similar to the relationship bet

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