Chapter 615 - Alien Technology
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 615 - Alien Technology

Leaders of countries like Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, and more couldn't sit still any longer. They all wished to instantly return to their countries to receive the Valkyrie. Some had already started thinking about how to welcome her with grand gestures.

While they couldn't be certain that the Valkyrie, who remained on Earth, was heading to the Nordic countries, it was a possibility with a 70% probability, given the direction she was traveling. This was a high enough chance for the leaders in this part of the world.

But with so many country leaders gathered for a United Nations meeting, it wasn't appropriate to leave abruptly without an excuse.

Just as the Nordic countries were contemplating methods of departure, the President of the United States suddenly had an idea. He clapped his thigh and exclaimed, "The South Pole Exploration Team has already left Antarctica and is flying towards the United States. How about we wait for their arrival before making a decision?"

Hearing the President's words, the leaders of the Nordic countries, who had already stood up to leave, exchanged glances and hesitated for a moment before sitting back down.

This South Pole expedition was a collaborative effort involving many countries. In theory, what was discovered underground in Antarctica should be shared among all participating nations. While many countries were aware that the scientific research base in Antarctica was primarily funded by the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, as well as countries like Germany and Japan, they all hoped for a piece of the pie. Even if they didn't get the most significant share of the discoveries, they expected to receive some peripheral benefits.

In the past two years, mysteries had manifested on Earth, and the existence of various gods had been confirmed. However, the threshold for mystical knowledge was exceedingly high. Apart from the Saint directly empowered by Christ, the only individuals who had acquired knowledge of the mystic arts were the students studying at

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