Chapter 545 - Dragon Legion
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 545 - Dragon Legion

Aurora’s rebuke did not anger the bronze dragon. On the contrary, after perceiving the Dragon God’s bloodline, would treat Aurora as one of its kind. Although dragons were arrogant and would not allow other races to slight them in the least, they were still respectful towards those of the same race.

What’s more, there was a beautiful silver dragon lady here, and she did not want to appear impolite in front of her. Everyone knew that silver and gold dragons placed a high value on elegance and etiquette. Because of this, they look down on and dislike colored dragons since they were mostly rude and arrogant.

For this reason, the colored dragons would feel depressed as the silver dragon species was the most beautiful among the dragons. It was rare for silver dragons to partner with colored dragons.

Nervous, he tried to calm his tone and compose himself, inwardly regretting not learning good poetry earlier.

“Oh, beautiful silver dragon lady! So your name is Agnes. Being able to meet you here is truly fate, yes, this is fate! This vocabulary is what was taught to us by the Dragon God.”

The bronze dragon could tell that Agnes was a devotee of the Dragon God, so he even transformed into a bootlicker and wagged his tail, “I didn’t know that this neighborhood was originally your territory, Agnes, I just thought that it was a beautiful environment and perfect for me to nest in… But now I know why the Dragon God led me here, and I am proud of my choice to have such a beautiful silver dragon as my neighbor.”

The bronze dragon tried to recall as many operatic quotes and deliveries from the songs and dances he had seen in the human cities. His voice rose and fell as if he was singing.

Aurora’s eyebrows knitted tighter. From her perspective, a hideous dragon trying to boot-lick and speak elegant words was really funny to look at. She suppressed her laughter and looked at Agnes. The both of them looked at each other and nodded their heads.

They had come here because they heard about the appearance of a dragon in these hills

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