Chapter 467 - Legendary Dragon Seed
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 467 - Legendary Dragon Seed

With one step, things could easily change.

Soon, Louie returned to the Sleeping Dragon Temple of his divine kingdom, Dragonblight.

He sat on his throne and scanned the sky and earth, taking in everything in his divine kingdom and the kingdom of the main continent.

There were already many believers in his divine kingdom, and the air in the territory was also gradually filling up with life. Compared to the Arboreal Realm’s natural state of chaos, Louie’s divine kingdom had a special kind of order, and the good living environment also allowed elegant species to flourish.

After thousands of years, this divine kingdom will become even more beautiful.

“For the gods, time is really a meaningless thing. Whether it is this divine kingdom or my divine kingdom on Earth. It needs a thousand years of time to brew in order to prosper gradually.”

Louie sighed slightly, and then just took out a metal canister that he took from the United States of America. He did not hesitate to open the jar and watched the special energy inside float out.

Louie quickly used his divine power to analyze the energy. In the past, Louie was unable to do this, but after becoming a true god, his perception evolved greatly.

Very quickly, Louie assimilated the energy. Although it could not compare to the power of the gods, it also possessed an extremely unique energy worthy of being used by a higher civilization like the Terrans.

Whether it was for civilization or true godhood, energy was very important. It mattered the most in evolution and development. On Earth, the most important source of energy was ‘oil’, the energy of the gods was divine power, and the energy of the Terran Civilization, according to the Intelligent Brain, was a special crystal formed by the reaction and fusion of the cosmic energies in the universe.

The energy in the metal canister flowed into Louie’s body in a straight line and entered the depths of his soul where it would be absorbed by the Intelligent Brain.

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‘It’s hidden quite deep.’

This time, Louie finally located where the parasite was. In the past, Louie had not been able to find it even after becoming a true god. Just as the Intelligent Brain had said, it had completely fused with Louie.

At first, the Intelligent Brain stated that it would not hurt Louie because the two were sharing life. This was not a lie. The Intelligent Brain was still weak at that time, so it could only rely on Louie and live like a parasite.

But once it gained enough energy to display its full power, it would likely separate itself from Louie.

Now, Louie had carefully followed the path where the energy was absorbed. With his power as a god, he was finally able to find its location. If he wanted to, he could now completely destroy it.

‘But doing so will cause my divine soul to suffer smoke damage. In this era where the gods are rising up, I might just lose the initiative… There is also a lot of information and technology that the Intelligent Brain possess

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