Chapter 26 - Crafty Dragon
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 26 - Crafty Dragon

At all stages of civilization, food remained the foundation of society.

Modern society, with its technological advantages and sophisticated economic systems, had all but eliminated starvation and nakedness. And only a few areas in the world still suffered from these challenges.

Nevertheless, San Soliel, with its medieval economy, had not yet attained food security. Farming and herding, the two primary sources of sustenance, were non-mechanized and far less productive than they were on Earth.

Life in this world was brutish, nasty, and short. The flames of war burned perpetually throughout the lands as race massacred race and famines and droughts claimed their victims. Massive wars between powers would erupt every so often, reaping thousands of lives each time. For the inhabitants of this turbulent world, the best most could hope for was tattered clothing and bitter black bread.

Hearing Sisna’s response, Louie surmised that the elves likely faced similar food problems. Whereas the humans could rely on agriculture, and the beastmen could rely on both agriculture and hunting, elves were at a disadvantage. With their innate love for nature, they could not bear to clear the woodlands and cultivate crops on a large scale.

While their bodies allowed them to subsist on fruits alone, they would still need generous quantities of meat and coarse grains on occasion. And so they traded for these with the humans and beastmen.

San Soliel’s winter was a great leveler for all of its inhabitants. For the dregs of society everywhere, the poor and disenfranchised, starvation and cold were the only guarantees. And their numbers would dwindle each day.

Louie felt that the elves’ lifestyle was the primary reason for their difficulties, however. Without farming how could they expect to compete with humans?

It was a stupid handicap in his perspective.

While magic was a very useful tool, it was not omnipotent, and magicians were small in number. As with any group of self-interested individuals, their magic powers and research were rarely used for the

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