Chapter 17 - Dragon Descends
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 17 - Dragon Descends

Inside the palace located at the highest point of Central City, an old priest was kneeling in front of the stone statue of God and praying fervently.


The earth trembled and the chapel shook. From time to time, tiny pieces of debris fell from above, spilling onto the priest’s robes.

The elderly priest did not react to the shaking at all. He just lowered his head, even more, prayed more quickly, and with greater fervency.

“Knock knock-------”

The door of the chapel was suddenly opened from the outside, and a young priest stumbled in, speaking in an alarmed tone, “...... Archbishop, it’s a dragon, it’s a dragon!!! A huge dragon is flying in the sky outside the city!!”

“Yes, I know.”

The archbishop did not look back. He continued to kneel in front of the statue and spoke with a calm voice.

Seeing that the archbishop had little reaction, the young priest became even more anxious, “...... Your Eminence, that is not an ordinary dragon. It…… its body is more than three hundred meters long. It’s completely different from the dragons on the main continent.”

“I know……”

The archbishop continued speaking in a calm voice, “......That is a primordial dragon, moreover, a demigod primordial dragon. I know that…… Remember, you must be silent in the presence of God. This place is the chapel. It is God’s kingdom on this land. Do not behave disrespectfully.”

The young priest heard the archbishop’s words. The panic on his face evaporated, and he looked at the archbishop with reverence and respect.

Outside the city, the demigod primordial dragon was attacking the city and had almost destroyed it, but the archbishop continued calmly praying to God. He fully lived up to his name as a devout believer.

“Abir has been martyred for the Theocracy……”

The archbishop’s calm statement cast horror onto the young priest once more, “...... Lord Abir, he…..?”

But quickly he recalled that he was still in the chapel. He gradually suppressed his voice, but his face betrayed his terror.

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That person was the Holy Iris Order commander Lord Abir. He was a high-ranked legendary warrior stationed in Central City, and with his strength alone he could capture the neighboring city. Such a powerful person fell in so short a time?

The priest wondered if he was in a nightmare

“There is no need to panic. His Holiness the Pope will hold a mass for Abir, and he will go to heaven to be with God.”

The archbishop continued slowly and methodically.

‘No, I’m not panicking about Lord Abir’s fall, I’m panicking about my own safety right now.’

The young priest spat in his heart, but he didn’t really dare say these words.

“Your Eminence, what do we do now?”

As the archbishop of the Central City, he was the highest officer with all the administrative power, and only he could give orders in this situation.

After a moment of silence, the archbishop said indifferently, “......Convey the following: tell the soldiers not to attempt resisting the dragon. A demigod

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