Chapter 38: The Consequences for Provoking Xiao Qianhan
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Heavenly Consort Chapter 38: The Consequences for Provoking Xiao Qianhan

"Qianhan, this is great! Father will frequently harvest spirit herbs in the mountain for you!" Once everyone left, Xiao Baihao walked over. Since he was injured until now, it was the only time he was happy. It was a kind of happiness that came from the deepest part of his heart! There was also pride and gratitude.

Xiao Qianhan's heart was completely warmed up. She looked at the father who wanted nothing but the best for her and let out a warm smile, "Father, I temporarily don't need any more spirit herbs. Since I consumed the Heavenly Fungus Herb, I feel very good now and I am cultivating at a very fast pace. Father's injuries aren't fully healed yet, it is best to stay home to rest."

"It is not a problem at all!" Xiao Baihao couldn't think of anything else but to harvest spirit herbs. The more the merrier!

No matter what Xiao Qianhan said, Xiao Baihao was insistent in harvesting spirit herbs in the mountain. Ultimately, Xiao Qianhan could only agree but requested for Xiao Baihao to look out for his own safety more than anything else.

Xiao Baihao was now filled with energy and it was unending energy. All his thoughts on how to help his daughter in her cultivation, he was now even walking with vigor.

When Xu Yuman heard that Xiao Qianhan was already at the mid-stage of Purple Mystic Realm, her mouth couldn't even close up and her expression was florid with delight. On the same night, she personally cooked a huge table of dishes.

At the dinner table, Xiao Baihao drank for the first time in a long time and immediately finished an entire jar.

Their family of three no longer had to endure the judgmental eyes of others!

Their daughter didn't need to be bullied anymore!

This was naturally a good thing to them, a great thing!

At midnight, Xiao Qianhan returned to her room and entered the Thousands Cauldron Mark. She didn't waste any time and continued to cultivate.

On the next day...

The skies were clear with delicate white clouds.

Xiao Yuluo had cultivated for an entire night and had opened her eyes when her

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