Chapter 24: Northern Dusk Kingdom's Crown Prince, Yun Mojin (Part 1)
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Heavenly Consort Chapter 24: Northern Dusk Kingdom's Crown Prince, Yun Mojin (Part 1)

The crowd was murmuring something.

"This lady is so pitiful. Young Master, you should take her in, she could also be your concubine by your side."

"That's right, the lady is rather charming too. Most importantly, she will always be infatuated with the young master."

"Even though I don't know the young master's status, from your attire, you are obviously born with a silver spoon in his mouth. You certainly have more than one concubine by your side right? Taking one more won't hurt, you should take this lady in."

Amidst the crowds' murmur, a woman's faint weeping could be heard. Her extremely soft, quiet and coquettish voice could also be heard as she spoke, "Crown... Young Master, I truly loved you with all my heart. I've been following you silently all the way from Northern Dusk Kingdom to Purple Moon Kingdom. I know you dislike me, I also know that my lowly origin won't be good enough for you, however, I simply wished I could serve by Young Master's side as a servant girl. I'd become a walking corpse if I'm unable to stay by your side, I'd rather die…"

"What an affectionate and loyal woman!"

"Yes! She's so affectionate. If it was me, I'd be touched by whatever she says."

The woman's words drew the sympathy of the passersby.

However, the woman carefully raised her teary eyes to look at the man who took away her heart and soul. She didn't have any choice but to use this method. As long as she was able to accompany the man by his side, she felt it was worth it even if she was making herself an embarrassment in front of all these people.

As it turned out, this was the courtship from an infatuated woman.

Xiao Qianhan wasn't interested in it and simply thought of passing through the crowd.

However, there were so many passersby that it was too crowded for her to push her way through.

She had no choice but to stand on the side. Since there was a free show of a woman courting a man, it might not be a bad idea to watch.

It was always the onlookers and the woman who were talking, there wasn't any response from t

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