Chapter 96 - Collecting Some Interest
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 96 - Collecting Some Interest

Tang Yu didn't know how long she had cried. Eventually, she cried to the point where she grew confused.

Why am I crying in the first place?

Tang Yu instantly retracted her expression and lifted her tear-streaked face. Then, when she saw a certain someone looking at her indifferently, her eyes gradually narrowed.

A certain someone felt a chill crawl down her back and subconsciously shuddered. Although this someone tried to act strong, her eyes shifting left and right gave away her anxiety and guilt.

After a moment of silence, Tang Yu got up from the ground, wiped her tears with one hand, and patted the non-existent dust on her clothes with her other hand. Then, she walked up to Yin Zhao-an, pinched the other party's chin, leaned forward, and coldly said, "Since you've already found out, I won't continue hiding it. I am at fault in this matter, but you are also at fault."

Invisible question marks appeared above Yin Zhao-an's head, and she couldn't help but look at her Tang-Tang's domineering face in puzzlement. Try as her Tang-Tang might, the reddened corners of her Tang-Tang's eyes only made her Tang-Tang look like an easy target for bullying.

"Aren't I the victim?" Yin Zhao-an tried to rectify her place in this situation. Although she received a glare as soon as she finished speaking, the glare did not have any deterrent effect.

"You are an accomplice." Tang Yu removed her hand and straightened her posture. Then, while looking down at Yin Zhao-an, she said, "Not only did you not resist, but you even reversed our positions. So, you cannot be considered a victim. As for my actions just now..."

After pausing for a moment, an idea came to Tang Yu's mind as she faintly smiled and said, "How about we pretend nothing ever happened?"

"No!" Yin Zhao-an instantly rejected the idea. Nothing ever happened? If they pretended nothing ever happened, wouldn't her progress bar be reset to zero?

Yin Zhao-an struggled to get out of her rattan chair. Without the support of her crutches, she quickly fell fo

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