Chapter 90 - Chance Encounter
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 90 - Chance Encounter

The optical shop was situated at the entrance of a plaza. As a result, many pedestrians and vehicles traveled through the area, with students accounting for most of them since it was the weekend.

When Tang Yu arrived at the shop, the establishment had plenty of youngsters walking around wearing corrective lenses and a few who were looking through the display cabinets in search of their favorite frames.

A girl in a casual shirt noticed Tang Yu entering the store. After dropping the price list in her hands, the girl approached Tang Yu and asked, "Hello, how may I help you?"

"I made an appointment in advance. May I know where I should go?" Tang Yu asked.

"Oh, you can head over to that counter," the girl said as she pointed at a relatively isolated counter.

"Thank you," Tang Yu politely thanked the staff and approached the counter in question.

There was a young man busy registering information behind the counter. When he saw the silhouette of a person appearing in front of the counter, without even looking up, he subconsciously said, "If you want to have your eyesight measured, you have to wait by the cubicle to the left of the entrance to get registered."

"Hello, I made an appointment in advance," Tang Yu patiently said.

"Oh! My bad, my bad!" The young fellow quickly reacted and looked up. Then, with an embarrassed smile, he said, "There have been a lot of customers coming in without an appointment today, so I just assumed you were the same. I'm truly sorry, haha!"

Tang Yu shook her head to express that she didn't mind the misunderstanding. Then, after she gave her name to the young man, the other party quickly found her appointment, gave her a number, and had her wait for her turn.

"Someone else is having their eyesight tested right now, but your turn will come up right afterward, so it won't be a long wait," the young man explained while pouring Tang Yu a cup of warm water.

After saying so, the young man returned to his station and resumed his work, leaving Tang Yu sitting in front of a coffee table near the shopfront.

Like the young man said, Tang Yu didn't have to wait long before she heard her number getting called. After tidying up her slightly wrinkled shirt, she went inside the cubicle.

"Huh? Big Sis Tang?"

A surprised voice came from the person walking by Tang Yu. When Tang Yu turned to look at the other party, she saw it was Zhao Yu.

"What a coincidence. Did you also come to get your eyes checked?" Tang Yu responded, following common courtesy.

Holding up the black bag in his hand, Tang Yu smiled and said, "Yes. I'm also here to buy Doctor Gao a new pair of glasses while I'm at it."

"Hm?" Zhao Yu's answer confused Tang Yu. If she remembered correctly, Gao Rang still wore his usual pair of gold-rimmed glasses to work this morning, and the glasses didn't seem like they needed replacement.

"I accidentally broke Doctor Gao's glasses the last time I visited his house. I never found the right time to buy a new pair for him. Seeing that I'd be taking an eye exa

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Novel Notes

For those worried this story lead to a bad end, it won't. The first few chapters might look like it, but that's just a short realization arc for Yin Zhao-an. If you do not wish to be cliffhanged, I recommend stockpiling the first 10 chapters before you start to read GMAS.
Release rate for GMAS is 1 chapter/day.
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