Chapter 82 - Imagining Things
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 82 - Imagining Things

"Ah… Is that so?" Yin Zhao-an held her chin and put on a pondering look. Then, recalling her memories, she said, "He mentioned to me in the past that his father doesn't seem to like him very much and is very strict with him."


Although Tang Yu wasn't aware of the whole situation surrounding Zhao Yu, she could more or less see that he had come from a strict household. When she first got acquainted with Zhao Yu during her previous life, the boy would put on a facade and behave courteously in all situations. It was only after Zhao Yu had met Gao Rang did he gradually find out that he possessed a mischievous side, similar to most boys his age.

Originally, Tang Yu thought that with all the changes she had caused, Zhao Yu and Gao Rang might never meet each other in this life. However, because of Wen Tao's "assistance," the two still ended up meeting each other. Although Tang Yu had no idea what the future would hold, she was eager to see how the relationship between Zhao Yu and Gao Rang would develop.

While Tang Yu was lost in her thoughts, Yin Zhao-an continued in distress, "I wonder how Wen Tao is going to resolve this huge mess..."

Tang Yu found Yin Zhao-an's troubled look a little amusing. However, the expression on her face remained unchanged as she said, "You should worry more about yourself. You still have a long ways to go before you make a full recovery."

It was a rare occasion for Tang Yu to show concern for her, so Yin Zhaoa-n tactfully nodded and smiled, saying, "Roger! I'll make sure to take good care of myself!"

As soon as Yin Zhao-an finished speaking, the phone on the bedside table suddenly started to vibrate. The two girls simultaneously turned to look at the phone. Then, they exchanged looks, and Yin Zhao-an saw a curious look in Tang Yu's eyes. A brief moment later, Yin Zhao-an reached for the phone, and a look of disbelief appeared on her face when she saw the caller ID displayed on the screen.

When Tang Yu saw Yin Zhao-an showing her the caller ID, she, too, was a little surprised.

"Hello..." Y

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