Chapter 71 - You've Lost Weight
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 71 - You've Lost Weight

The hand trying to wipe the tears off her face felt cold and rough. It also did a poor job at what it was trying to do, smearing her tears all over her face instead of actually wiping them away.

Tang Yu didn't know whether to laugh or cry as she reached for a tissue from the bedside table to wipe her face. While she was at it, she also wiped the hand that had made a mess of her face.

After doing so, Tang Yu leaned forward and stared into Yin Zhao-an's eyes. She wanted to know if Yin Zhao-an was truly conscious or if what she did was only another subconscious action.

Upon closer inspection, Tang Yu saw the corners of Yin Zhao-an's face twitching, looking like she was trying to smile. Tang Yu could also see Yin Zhao-an reacting in pain when she tried to do so, a result of trying to move her damaged facial muscles.

Although Tang Yu sympathized with Yin Zhao-an's condition, she also felt relieved to see Yin Zhao-an's reactions, as they showed that Yin Zhao-an was truly conscious.

Leaning back into her chair, Tang Yu breathed a sigh of relief. Then, she pointed at the layers of gauze wrapped around Yin Zhao-an's head and said, "Don't force yourself to smile. Be careful not to reopen your wounds."


"Okay, I know you didn't. Do you want some water?"

Yin Zhao-an responded with a small nod. Her throat currently felt like it was on fire.

Tang Yu got up and went to get a cup of warm water from the bedside table. When Yin Zhao-an saw this, her mind wondered if she would have to drink out of a straw. After all, it was unrealistic for her to sit up and drink out of a cup in her current state.

However, what Yin Zhao-an didn't expect was that her idea was similarly unrealistic. Instead of letting her drink out of a straw, Tang Yu took a sterile cotton swab, dipped it in water, and smudged it on her lips. Although the moisture alleviated the tight feeling on her lips, the burning sensation in her throat did not lessen.

Tang Yu naturally noticed the pitiful gaze Yin Zhao-an was giving her. However, she remained unmoving

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