Chapter 59 - Psychopath?
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 59 - Psychopath?

Yu Wanrou unlocked her phone and passed it over to Yin Zhao-an, saying, "Call your number and save it."

Yin Zhao-an accepted Yu Wanrou's phone and typed a string of numbers. A moment later, the phone in her pants pocket started to vibrate.

Yu Wanrou was driving, so Yin Zhao-an passed Yu Wanrou's phone over to Wang Zhen in the passenger seat. Then, she saved the number she had just received a missed call from into her contacts and pinned it to the top, putting it with her parents' phone numbers.

The streets near Chong High were clogged with pedestrians and traffic. Even though it wasn't a working hour right now, the cars on the road were barely moving. It was even possible to hear people cursing about the terrible traffic from time to time.

Yu Wanrou was similarly fed-up with the traffic. Seeing that they were only about ten minutes away from reaching Chong High on foot, she suggested to the three passengers in the car, "How about you three walk ahead first? This traffic is probably going to stay stuck for some time. I'll bring the luggage over afterward."

Wang Zhen felt that the suggestion was feasible. After putting the folder containing her daughter's enrollment papers into her bag, she took the initiative to get out of the car.

Seeing this, Yin Zhao-an and Tang Yu also got out of the car and quickly walked over to the sidewalk. The midday sun was exceptionally scorching, and they could feel their skin burning after leaving the car for only a moment.

"Isn't the sun a little too big…" Yin Zhao-an complained as she put on a baseball cap. Then, she took off her UV protection jacket and draped it over Tang Yu's shoulders.

Meanwhile, feeling the sun's rays scorching her skin, Tang Yu quickly realized her blunder. She had spent most of her summer break cooped up at home, so she failed to realize how ferocious the summer sun could be and prepare for it. But…

Tang Yu looked at her arms, then at Yin Zhao-an's. Both of them were wearing short sleeves, so their skin was exposed to the sun. Without any hesitation, Tang Yu tr

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