Chapter 42 - Protecting Your Smile
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 42 - Protecting Your Smile

The atmosphere in the classroom had changed.

When Yin Zhao-an stepped into the classroom, she could feel several girls she was close with winking at her. Confused by this situation, Yin Zhao-an touched her face and wondered if something was stuck on her face.

Seeing Yin Zhao-an's ignorant look, everyone in the classroom looked at each other and tacitly agreed to keep their classmate in the dark.

After sitting down, Yin Zhao-an poked her deskmate, trying to get the other party to spill the beans. However, the other party simply smirked and waved at her, so Yin Zhao-an could do nothing but hold her forehead in frustration.


After school, Yin Zhao-an dashed to the school gate and waited for Tang Yu to come down as usual. Unfortunately, although she managed to stop the person she was waiting for, Tang Yu wasn't alone.

Yin Zhao-an sighed in exasperation before pulling Tang Yu to her side and walking out of the campus without saying a single word.

"Hey! How can you do that?!" Fang Ling cried out while glaring at Yin Zhao-an. Then, she hurriedly caught up to the two and clung to Tang Yu's free arm.

Yin Zhao-an looked at Fang Ling in annoyance. Then, she separated Fang Ling from Tang Yu and sternly said, "I live in the same place as Tang Yu. You should be off to wherever you belong." After saying so, she subconsciously turned to a sedan parked nearby.

One of the people in the car saw the dispute happening outside. After putting down the magazine in his hands, he said," Uncle Li, I'm heading out for a moment."

"Very well, Young Master," the person in the driver seat responded before unlocking the car door and letting the boy in uniform out of the car.

In the meantime, Fang Ling was gnashing her teeth as she looked at Yin Zhao-an. She was prone to incoherent speech once she felt aggrieved, so she couldn't find the proper words to respond to Yin Zhao-an's words. Ultimately, her anger got the best of her, and her eyes started to tear up as she sobbingly said:

"It's Tang Yu… Tang Yu wants me to walk with her, so what right d

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