Chapter 17 - Must Not Go OOC
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 17 - Must Not Go OOC

Halfway through her noodles, Tang Yu pushed the bowl away and stared intently at the interface displayed before her. Then, she rapidly typed in strings of seemingly illogical Arabic numerals and symbols with both hands, filling the entire screen in no time.

Reflected in Tang Yu's dark pupils were the movements of the mouse cursor. The symbol representing an information transfer flickered on the screen for a few seconds. Then, a moment later, the screen returned to the initial blue screen interface.

After doing all this, Tang Yu heaved a sigh of relief. Then, she reached out to her half-eaten bowl of noodles, only to find that the noodles had already gone cold.

Tang Yu touched her somewhat empty stomach. Then, when she looked at the creative clock on the wall, her face sank a little when she saw what time it was already.

Although Tang Yu had spent much more time than she thought, the fact that she managed to get her message out put her in a good mood. After all, she had started to become busy recently because that time was arriving soon.

The authorities had finally received some clues relating to a very secretive firearms smuggling gang. According to the information the authorities acquired, a big transaction was going to take place soon. So long as the authorities set up an ambush beforehand, they would catch the smugglers red-handed.

However, Tang Yu knew that while the news of the transaction was real, the location where the transaction would take place was fake.

In reality, the smugglers had deliberately leaked news of their transaction to the police watching their every movement. This was so they could divert the police's attention to the wrong venue while the transaction occurred at a different location.

Originally, this would have been the end of the story, and the police could do nothing but call it a day. However, the deranged smugglers had planted a time bomb at the decoy location, which was also the ambush site Tang Chengyang was stationed at.

Even now, Tang Yu still couldn't bring herself to properly rem

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