Chapter 139 - Little Brother
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 139 - Little Brother

Yin Zhao-an crouched cautiously beside the sofa, looking at the person sitting on the sofa with worried eyes. At this moment, she looked just like a large dog who knew she had done something wrong.

Meanwhile, Tang Yu leaned against the sofa, weakly pressing her forehead with her hand and keeping her eyes tightly closed, afraid to open her mouth for fear of vomiting. She felt as if her brain had been thrown into a blender, and stars were flashing before her eyes, making it hard for her to see anything clearly for a while.

After about ten minutes, Tang Yu started to show signs of recovery. Even so, she could still see the objects in front of her spinning, so she kept her eyes closed until she fully recovered from her dizziness.

Yin Changcheng said he would send a car to take them to the hospital. It had already been ten minutes since Yin Changcheng called, so their ride should be arriving soon. Realizing this, Yin Zhao-an quickly helped Tang Yu change clothes. Then, while waiting for their ride to arrive, Yin Zhao-an served Tang Yu a cup of tea and gave Tang Yu a shoulder massage.

When the doorbell rang, Yin Zhao-an rushed to open the door. The person who came to pick them up didn't come in. Instead, he informed them of the purpose of his visit and waited by the door.

By now, Tang Yu had mostly recovered from her dizziness. However, as she was still a little wobbly, she didn't refuse when Yin Zhao-an placed an arm around her waist to help her walk.

When Tang Yu arrived at the car, she finally realized that their driver for today was Little Zhang, the driver who had previously brought her to the Yin family's house.

Little Zhang also recognized Tang Yu, so he politely smiled at her and greeted, "It's nice to see you again, Miss Tang."

Before Tang Yu could respond, Yin Zhao-an stepped in between them, her previously mild and harmless eyes were now seemingly covered with a layer of frost.

Little Zhang immediately stopped smiling and lowered his head. He knew he had crossed a line.

Yin Zhao-an helped Tang Yu get into the

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