Chapter 12 - Strange Nightmare
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Give Me Another Smile (GL) Chapter 12 - Strange Nightmare

Wang Zhen grabbed the back of her daughter's collar as if she was picking up a little chick. Then, with a look of suspicion, she asked, "What are you doing? Shouldn't you be going to school? What are you idling here for?"

After pushing her mother's claw away with her trembling hands, Yin Zhao-an put on an aggrieved face as she answered, "I'm waiting for someone."

In response to Yin Zhao-an's answer, the screen of a mobile phone appeared before her, and the several numbers displayed on the screen mercilessly mocked her. Yin Zhao-an sniffled her reddened nose when she saw the numbers, and she turned to Wang Zhen with a pitiful look.

"Fine, fine. I'll drop you off at school, but if this happens again, I won't care about you even if you're late." Wang Zhen helplessly shook her head and led her daughter, who currently looked pitiful like an abandoned puppy, to the scooter she parked nearby.

After barely making it to school before the first bell rang, Yin Zhao-an grew depressed when she saw Tang Yu reading a book in the classroom.

Sure enough, Mom is right… Tang-Tang did go to school by herself…

Yin Zhao-an's thoughts started to run wild after she sat down and rested her head on the table.

Why did Tang-Tang leave without me? Didn't we promise to go to school together yesterday? Why…

"Yin Zhao-an! Yin Zhao-an? Wake up… Her forehead is burning… Did she catch a fever? I should take her to the infirmary first."

Yin Zhao-an woke up with her ears buzzing and her eyelids feeling heavy. A chaotic noise also incessantly rang deep in her mind, the noise getting louder and louder as its source got closer and closer… Who's talking?

"...Save me."

"I was wrong… Save me…"


Yin Zhao-an abruptly sat up from her bed, her morbidly flushed face covered in sweat. Wang Zhen, who was in the midst of wiping her daughter's sweat, was given a fright. Hurriedly, she sat on the edge of the bed and hugged Yin Zhao-an to comfort the little girl:

"It's alright; it's alright. Don't be scared. Mommy is here. Did you have a n

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