Book 08 Chapter 104: Pangu Ax
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 08 Chapter 104: Pangu Ax

The emperor’s study, Borderless Heavenly Capital:

After Gu Hai set up a sound-isolation ritual array, he waved his hand.


A black hole suddenly appeared before him.

“Siddhārtha Buddha, Vairocana met his end because of me. Gu Hai is here to apologize!” Gu Hai said gravely to the black hole.

There was a brief silence on the other side of the black hole.

After a while, a stout man walked out of the black hole, and it was none other than the Siddhārtha Buddha.

Gu Hai took out a śarīra box and gently proffered it to the Siddhārtha Buddha.

The Siddhārtha Buddha slowly received the box. Then he closed his eyes and sensed within the box.

“The situation was urgent at that time, and Vairocana sacrificed himself to protect me, so…,” Gu Hai sighed softly.

However, the Siddhārtha Buddha smiled gently and said, “Mister Gu, there is no need to blame yourself. I already know everything!”

“Oh?” Gu Hai was puzzled.

“The Vairocana Buddha is my dharmic incarnation. You collected his śarīra. Through his śarīra, I came to know everything. He did well!” the Siddhārtha Buddha said seriously.

“Then can you resurrect him?” Gu Hai asked solemnly.

“Rest assured. I have Paradise. Although resurrecting him will take a while, with the blessings of the buddhas, one day he will be reborn, just like the Amitābha Buddha!” Siddhārtha Buddha replied with a smile.

“Being able to resurrect is good enough. I’m ashamed,” Gu Hai said, forcing a smile.

“No, it’s Mr. Gu’s fate. What happens today may not necessarily be a bad thing in the future,” the Siddhārtha Buddha said, smiling.

“Many thanks.” Gu Hai nodded slightly.

“By the way, your son Gu Taiji is quite extraordinary! He has officially embarked on the path of cultivation now,” the Siddhārtha Buddha said, beaming.

“He has started his cultivation journey? How long has it been?” Gu Hai exclaimed in surprise.

“As you know, the Sa’s Immortal Firmament and the Six Paths Immortal Firmament have asynchronous and disproportionate time flows. We initially thought you had spent many years on your side, bu

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