Book 08 Chapter 098: Sa’s Strength
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 08 Chapter 098: Sa’s Strength

The East Spiritual Fire Sea:

The over-sixteen-kilometer-tall Zhu Qiqi pressed its imposing aura towards Gu Hai.

Gu Hai shielded Jingwei behind him, gripping the hilt of the Life Executioner Saber, as he gazed gravely at Zhu Qiqi across from him.

“Vermilion Bird Prime, we—Gu Hai of the Han Heavenly Dynasty—must use the nirvana core today due to a family matter. We promise to return you a valuable treasure another day to compensate for our actions,” Gu Hai declared solemnly.

“Return? Do I need you to return it? Do you think you have the right to negotiate with me? What’s mine is mine. The nirvana core isn’t something that wretched girl can enjoy. Get lost! Let me tear that wretched girl apart and re-compress the nirvana core’s energy, restoring it to its original state!” Zhu Qiqi retorted coldly.

“Tear that wretched girl apart?” Gu Hai’s eyebrow twitched. His previous amicability vanished completely, replaced by a hint of coldness.

“Hah! We originally respected you as the Vermilion Bird Prime and didn’t intend to be hostile. However, you’re hell-bent on killing Wan’er. In that case, we will have to offend you. The nirvana core wasn’t obtained from you; we took it from Jiang Lianshan and Yinggou. Humph! Since you refuse our goodwill, let’s make it a confrontation!” Gu Hai said coldly.

“Ignorant junior. How laughable!” Zhu Qiqi sneered, swiping its enormous vermilion bird claw at Gu Hai.

“Tenth Cycle!” Gu Hai bellowed.


The powerful manifested saber clashed with Zhu Qiqi’s sharp claw. Under the immense force, Zhu Qiqi’s figure staggered, and it failed to shatter Gu Hai’s manifested saber.

Gu Hai had not expected to block Zhu Qiqi’s talon so easily.

His eyes lit up. “Oh? So, you are also suppressed by the East Spiritual Fire Sea, unable to use the power of your three spiritual souls? You are only so-so!”

“Only so-so? If I hadn’t just spat out the nirvana core, you wouldn’t even be able to stand here talking to me,” Zhu Qiqi retorted haughtily.

“We told you, just wait there! You might not be our match with your thre

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