Book 08 Chapter 071: Kong Xuan’s Disappointment
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 08 Chapter 071: Kong Xuan’s Disappointment

The northern sector of the nether realm:

Accompanied by numerous ghost kings and ghost marshals, Ancestor Mang Shan led a group of ghost Dao ancestors from the north and charged towards the Han Imperial Dynasty’s army.

Capturing the leader first was a common strategy, and the vision of these ancestors naturally did not focus on the Han Nation soldiers but directly targeted the four commanders of the Han Imperial Dynasty’s Nation Suppression Army: Gao Xianzhi, Kong Xuan, the Mosquito Daoist, and Long Shenying.

Of course, if it were not for Ancestor Mang Shan’s repeated demands to use the heads of these four commanders to restore their honor and embarrass Gu Hai, the ancestors would have already gone to Everlasting Nether Capital.

However, the ancestors still felt that even if they were delayed a bit, it would not be by much.

The Mosquito Daoist, Kong Xuan, a young man whose name they had never heard before—taking their heads would be easy for four ninth-layer Upper Heavenly Palace Realm ancestors.

They even split up, each responsible for a person. They prepared to take the heads of the four commanders simultaneously.

Naturally, Ancestor Mang Shan led one of the teams.

The vast number of ghost soldiers whipped up a dark wind as they charged straight towards Kong Xuan’s camp.

Kong Xuan’s command post was very high. These days, Kong Xuan rarely came over. After all, the orders from above did not suit his appetite at all. After capturing the city, they were supposed to treat the civilians kindly and avoid harming the innocent. However, he could wipe out the entire city with a single slap. There were no decent opponents, and it was so boring.

Moreover, as the commander, he could not wander around freely and had to stay in the central military camp. Although everything was well managed by the people below, he could not simply leave. Warfare was a serious matter; the commander could not casually decamp. How could Kong Xuan take it?

If they encountered a group of powerful enemies and he had to command and coordinate everyth

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