Book 08 Chapter 069: The Utterly Defeated Ji Dihong
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 08 Chapter 069: The Utterly Defeated Ji Dihong

The heavenly eye was gone, and Ao Ying, Xiong You, and the Dark Guard envoy commander were dead. The world devouring’s physical body was snatched away, the divine Dao plundering was plundered, and Cangjie was gone.

Gu Hai was behind all of these.

Ji Dihong’s rage reached a new high. Moving extremely quickly, he sent out billions of sword qi from his new Xuanyuan Sword. Stars and planets exploded in large numbers.

Ji Dihong kept smashing Gu Hai deeper into outer space.

Gu Hai had no way to compete with Ji Dihong in strength. However, his physical body was impenetrable. Although Ji Dihong attacked him relentlessly, Ji Dihong never succeeded in harming him.

Gu Hai wanted to lure Ji Dihong into the void, not out of fear but worry that Essence Genesis would go on another killing spree. After all, he had lured Essence Genesis over. If Essence Genesis killed billions of citizens, he would share culpability for this sin.

“Gu Hai, don’t run if you dare!” Ji Dihong glared.

“We are not running. Rather, we don’t want your innocent citizens to get killed!” Gu Hai shouted as he backed off.


Ji Dihong seemed to have guessed what Gu Hai was thinking. He arrived before Gu Hai at an extreme speed, blocking Gu Hai from heading towards the void.

“You can’t run anymore now, right?” Ji Dihong snarled.

Gu Hai’s face turned stony.

“You harmed our official and stole our divine Dao. You deserve death! Gu Hai, you cannot run today!” Ji Dihong said coldly.

Gu Hai narrowed his eyes at Ji Dihong. Although his cultivation could not compare to Ji Dihong’s, he did not fear a battle to the death with Ji Dihong.

“Die!” Ji Dihong swung the Xuanyuan Sword once again.

Gu Hai’s eyes turned cold as he extended his hand and waved.


An opening suddenly appeared in space. Gu Hai had opened an entrance to the Hungry Ghost Path Secret Realm and stepped in.

The powerful Xuanyuan Sword’s manifested sword swung down, but the moment it entered the Hungry Ghost Path Secret Realm, it weakened.

Then Gu Hai extended his hand outside and tapped from inside

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