Book 08 Chapter 062: Wager with Cangjie
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 08 Chapter 062: Wager with Cangjie

The emperor’s study, Everlasting Nether Capital, the nether realm:

Gu Hai sat at his desk, processing a stack of official documents.

Expanding the Han Imperial Dynasty’s territory, especially when the northern nether realm had no powerful experts, was no longer a challenge. With four commanders and eighteen armies, Gu Hai knew his forces were unstoppable.

However, founding a nation was one thing; governing it was another. Capturing cities was easy, but managing them, winning the people’s hearts, and making all the ghosts genuinely accept the Han Imperial Dynasty was a different story altogether.

In the past few days, Mo Yike, Chen Tianshan, and Sima Changkong had been busy with these affairs, recruiting civil officials, strategizing, and constantly submitting new proposals for Gu Hai’s approval. Gu Hai did his best to review the proposals and would make inquiries with Mo Yike and the others whenever he saw something not quite right.

“Your Reverence, we just received word from Ancestor Mang Shan’s domain. Ancestor Mang Shan is gathering the ancestors of the various domains to launch a full-scale counterattack against us,” Mo Yike informed him.

Gu Hai paused in his writing and looked up.

“Is this the same Ancestor Mang Shan who recently broke through to the Upper Heavenly Palace Realm’s ninth layer?” Gu Hai asked, slightly startled.

“Yes. The Blood Uniform Guard reported that their forces seemed to be in high spirits. They’re mobilizing ghost soldiers in preparation for marching our way—no, they should already be on their way with many ghost Dao experts. They’re so confident they’re not even rushing. They even brought along weak ghosts who announce their plans everywhere they go,” Mo Yike explained.

Gu Hai chuckled. “What’s your take, Mister Mo?”

“They’re too arrogant. News spreads slowly in the nether realm. They’re clueless because the use of zither puppets has not propagated. They are far behind,” Mo Yike said, laughing.

Gu Hai nodded. “Alright. You handle it.”

“Yes! This official shall take his leave first!” Mo Y

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