Book 08 Chapter 046: Capturing Lifespan Nangong
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 08 Chapter 046: Capturing Lifespan Nangong

Xuanyuan City:

Using the Eight Nines Profound Technique’s seventy-two transformations, Shangguan Hen had assumed the appearance of Cangjie. As he moved through the palace, intending to reach Lifespan Nangong’s location, he unexpectedly encountered Emperor Kong.

“Mister Cangjie, why are you here? Weren’t you at…?” Emperor Kong expressed with surprise.

The seventy-two transformations appeared too realistic; Emperor Kong did not notice anything strange.

“I ran into an issue,” Cangjie explained in a hushed voice. “His Holy Eminence sent me to find Lifespan Nangong. I can’t believe he dared betray His Holy Eminence!”

Emperor Kong’s face paled. “What?”

Cangjie warned in a low tone, “Keep your voice down. Lifespan Nangong isn’t aware that His Holy Eminence saw through him.”

Astonished, Emperor Kong replied, “Lifespan Nangong has been loyal to His Holy Eminence for so long. Could his loyalty have shifted after passing the inheritance down one generation? That’s impossible, right, Mister Cangjie?”

Cangjie glanced at Emperor Kong. “Whether or not he’s changed is for His Holy Eminence to decide. Emperor Kong, would you like the honor of capturing him?”

A gleam appeared in Emperor Kong’s eyes. He hesitated for a moment before asking, “Mister Cangjie, doesn’t Lifespan Nangong obey your every command? With your means, why go through all this?”

“If you’re unwilling, let it be,” Cangjie responded nonchalantly.

“No, I’m in.” Emperor Kong laughed, “Haha! I trust you more than Lifespan Nangong. However, he isn’t in the palace. He’s underground, cultivating the vermilion fruit.”

Cangjie urged, “Let’s not waste time. Lead the way.”

This Cangjie was Shangguan Hen in disguise. At this moment, he felt startled. Fortunately, I met Emperor Kong. Otherwise, my trip would have been in vain.

Emperor Kong led the way. Soon, they arrived at a restricted area within the palace. Although the place was heavily guarded, no one dared to block the two when they appeared.

The duo descended into what resembled a volcanic crater.


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