Book 07 Chapter 199: Sa’s Legacy
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 07 Chapter 199: Sa’s Legacy

Essence Genesis held the flawed immortal firmament’s Immortal Origin in one hand and a golden dragon in the other. He coldly matched gazes with the Six Paths Immortal.

When the Six Paths Immortal’s Heaven’s eye appeared, an overwhelming heavenly might surged forth.

When Essence Genesis’s heavenly eye appeared, it stared unyieldingly at the Six Paths Immortal.

The Immortal was the sovereign of the world and the noblest existence among all beings. No one should dare to oppose him.

Yet now, Essence Genesis showed no fear of the Six Paths Immortal. Even his speech was incendiary.

Kong Xuan, Long Wanqing, and Houqing watched from afar, finding the situation quite illogical. This was not a grudge like that between Mao Tianyun and Six Paths, nor was it a case of someone acting recklessly out of desperation. It was bizarre.

Gu Hai remained silent, as did the others, watching wordlessly.

Gu Hai sent those with insufficient cultivations into the Gu’s Immortal Firmament, as the commotion was too big. They would only be in danger if they remained. As much as possible, he wanted to keep the Six Paths Immortal from discovering the skeleton clone and Long Wanyu.

Even within the Gu’s Immortal Firmament, the skeleton clone could still release energy, which Gu Hai would then absorb into his body to repair himself.

Inside the Gu’s Immortal Firmament, Gu Hai had set up a zone where time flowed at the same rate as outside. This space allowed the people within to see the outside world.

“Is Essence Genesis trying to commit suicide by opposing the Six Paths Immortal?” the Mosquito Daoist asked in surprise.

“No, Essence Genesis has cultivated a heavenly gift!” Long Wanyu said solemnly.

“A heavenly gift?” the Mosquito Daoist parroted in surprise.

“Yes. Before I died in my previous life, I feared the Six Paths Veritable Lord would take all the spiritual light in the world, so I poured most of it into the Divine Continent, turning it into four heavenly gifts. The remaining one-fifth was undoubtedly refined by the Six Paths Verita

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